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Indian Post is now bathing in money because of Flipkart, snapdeal, Amazon etc..


It has been a year, and Indian Post has been relentlessly serving COD 'Cash On Delivery' option made by Ecommerce Giant of India. 

Within a year of joining the e-commerce, India Post has transacted business of Rs 280 crore for Indian Companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon, Naaptol, Telebrands Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues and Homeshop18. It is expected to increase further since GOSF 2014 is on its way.

With potential analysis of the market of online shopping, India Post started making official COD for companies like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon etc.In India where people trust 'ek hath le ek hath de' (Give by one hand and take by other) concept, COD has furnished out of the blue at an unprecedented level where nearly 50-75 % of orders are through this payment option.

Cash on Delivery

This exclusive behavior or tendency of people to take and pay at the same time when mixed with the most esteemed and dedicated post service of India, India Post, a combination appeared which grasp the monetary benefit of the whole e-market, benefiting Indian Post.

The reason for this huge amount of collection of India Post is because officials and employees of India Post are very much aware of the rural and semi-urban's complicated Indian addresses.

An official stated that 

“India Post collected over Rs 280 crore from consumers and gave it to e-commerce firms, since CoD facility was started in December 2013. The department with its huge network can serve as the best agency for not just delivering products, but also collecting money,” 

 Its great to hear about the upsurge of ecommerce industry, but what amaze us is the fact that how it is helping out the other dimensions of market to grow. Afterall India Post is worlds largest postal network. surprise