Gone in 2.4 Seconds – Xiaomi Goes out of Stocks again in it’s 6th Flash Sale


Xiaomi Mi3 is again gone out of Stock and this time all 20,000 units of inventory got sold out in just 2.4 seconds. This is sixth consecutive times when Xiaomi Phone got out of stock at Flipkart in few seconds, Xiaomi’s Vice President has already confirmed this Out of Stock (OOS) news on his Twitter page

Xiaomi phones are already making huge success in Indian market and so far more than 95000 units of Mi3 got sold out online through Flipkart. This phone is no doubt one of the best phone of this category but buying this phone is turning out to be worst buying experience for Indian buyers.

For those who are still not able to buy their dream phone, you guys need to wait a bit longer but for those who have already bought this phone, here is good news. After much wait, Xiaomi Mi3 accessories (Screen protector & Flip Cover) are available in market. Both Screen Protector and Flip Cover can be bought from Flipkart exclusively,The Mi flip cover is priced at Rs 559 and  the screen protector  is priced at Rs 179 onwards plus Rs.40 shipping extra.

NOTE: Both the accessories are expected to be available sometime this week.

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