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10 Reasons to buy Mobile Online

There are things which should be bought online and there are things which should be bought offline. But Mobiles should be bought Online only. Reason? Let’s discuss the Top 10 reason of this strong suggestion.

1. Filters :

Imagine yourself going in a physical store and asking for a phone within your budget along with some specifications. You will be shown 3,4,5…10,15, 100 models at max. fulfilling your criteria. Whereas, in online shopping, you know what you want and for that you can put the filters and adjust the options as per as your needs, you will be shown all the products available in the market fulfilling your requirements.

2. Product range :

Anything, from tip to toe, android to windows, budget to over-expensive. You name it, you get it.

3. Offers :

The offers are way too attractive than they are offline. Freebies are common.

4. Discount :

While offline mobiles are sold at around 10% discount on MRP and that too after the model go out of trend, the online mobile vendors keep the MRP as minimum as possible. There are smartphones which are available at 70%+ discount.

5. Open time :

Imagine, you’ve just got back from office, it’s 10 p.m. now. You want to buy a phone. Can you shop at this hour? The answer is simple – it is very rare to get any shop open at this time. However, Online shopping is for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6. Refund :

Now this is my own experience. Refund is not a condition Offline. If you have bought a smartphone and if comes out as defective or not as you’ve expected, you cannot return it. Some stores accept replacement, but Refund is very very very rare. In case you are stuck with a phone, you are struck with it for life. All you can do is to either troll yourself for the wasted bucks or can encircle the service center.

7. Reviews :

Best things so far. How many of our acquaintance holds a similar phone, which you are planning to have, for which they can give you a review on? 3,4 maybe 10? But in case of online shopping, you can see hundreds or maybe thousands of reviews for a particular handset.

8. Exclusive launches :

We will NOT find mobiles from platforms other than the online portals, on which they are launched for some weeks.

9. Extra saving :

If you buy online, you can also save an extra 7-8% by shopping though cashback sites like ..

10. Never out of stock :

If one online store don’t have it, you can always have it from some other store. Therefore, the products are not likely to go out of stock, ever. Flipkart, Snapdeal and AmazonĀ are highly recommended as the trusted sites for buying mobile.

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