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How to Order Xiaomi Phone in Just 2 Seconds from Flipkart [Trick Revealed]

Xiaomi Phone Buying Guide

During last months Xiaomi has come up as a player in smartphone market in India, very low prices with amazing features is the specialty of this company. The company has launched it two models, Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi 1s and both have been a great success. The unbelievable low prices and stupefying features has bought the company at a level where it cannot meet the demand.  The Xiamo products gets sold out in matter of just few seconds, last Redmi 1S flash sale went only for 4.2 seconds and all 40,000 products got sold out. Today, in this blog post of FreeKaaMaal, we will reveal few secret tips through which you can also grab Redmi 1s in 2 Seconds . Lets get started…

Process of  Ordering Xiaomi Phone from Flipkart:

First thing first, those who are new to the concept of Flash Sale and haven’t participate in any of the past Xiaomi Flash Sale, Here are the few steps that you need to do before the sale gets started:

  1. Login at Flipkart.com,
  2. Now visit Mi Store and register yourself for next sale day
  3. Note, the above 2 steps are mandatory otherwise you won’t be able to participate in next flash sale
  4. Once done, come back atleast 5 min before the time of Flash Sale and wait for “Coundown Timer” to hit Zero,
  5. Now Instantly click on “Add to Cart” Button and if you are successful,  Product will added to your cart and you’ll get sufficient time to make the payment later

Tips and Tricks to Xiaomi Redis 1S Phone from Fipkart.com

Be a Smart Shopper and Follow our simple 5 Step Trick and order Xiaomi Phone in just 2 Seconds

Here are the few things that you need to do first:

  • Make sure you are using a desktop or laptop and don’t try to participate in Xiaomi Sale from your smartphone or Flipkart Mobile App
  • Use high speed internet connection
  • Close other unnecessary tabs,This is very important, do not open any other tab like gmail, youtube or anything else on your browser as it can eat up a portion of you net speed.

Now it’s time to reveal our trick which will make sure you get your hand on Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi Sale Page


STEP1:  2-3 Hours before the sale Starts:

Open all browsers that are available on your system Internet Explorer, Chrome,Safari,Firefox,Opera etc, incase you have only one browser, go ahead and install few from this list

STEP2- One Hour before the sale starts:

Now open http://flipkart.com/mi and Login to your Flipkart Account in all browser,

STEP3- Five Minutes before the sale:

Refresh Mi3 Sale page in all browser, 2-3 minutes before the sale starts, Kindly do this as it is very important. When the timer reaches 15 seconds stop refreshing and be ready.

STEP4- One Second before the Sale Starts:

Keep your mouse Cursor Near the Countdown and as soon as the countdown hits ZERO, Click on Buy Button, Go to all browsers and hit buy button in every browser ( Don’t worry you won’t be charge more than once)

STEP5 (Optional): Automatic Tool to add Xiaomi phone to the cart:

This step is little more technical and if you are not comfortable in installing a software and then it better you to avoid tht, but for all the geeky fans who don’t want to miss this next opportunity, here is a tool which they can use to add product to the cart. The tool name is Multiple Mouse Clicker

This is a tool which will click on various points on your screen with the delay you want and times you want to the button to get clicked. Download and install this forward from here, You can read more about how to use Multiple mouse clicker here

Try these tips and If everything goes as planned, you will have Xiaomi Phone in your cart.

These methods are actually drawn out through the suggestions of those who have got a Xiaomi every time it went on sale. These methods are in fact followed by working professionals of freekaamaal.com who got Redmi 1s and the suggestions are drawn out on the basis of their real time experience. You can follow these methods to get a hand on the Xiaomi Redmi 1s which will be on sale tomorrow, however, these methods only provides you a very high probability of acquiring the smartphone but we cannot guarantee it. After all, luck is something we can’t deny.




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