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Flipkart will now give refund within 24 hours


Indian Ecommerce poster boy Flipkart has taken a great step toward improving its customer service. The refund, which earlier took a few days to process will now be sorted out in just 24 hours or less. This instant refund mechanism will help customers to get the fast and quick refund for the returned products.

Here is what used to happen:

1. A customer apply for the return of an item received.

2. Return of the item was initiated.

3. The items returned are then verified.

4. The process took around 4-5 days for the return which sometimes got extended.

System from now on:

1. An instant mechanism is now installed.

2. Refund within 24 hours

3. COD will be emphasized.

4. The refund will be processed using the Immediate Payments System (IMPS) transfers.

5. A customer will get instant and regular updates regarding their refund through eMails and SMS .

As the cash burn is high, the online shopping sites are now focusing on improving the operational and technical structure of their marketplace in order to make and retain customers by improving other key factors like customer care, delivery services etc.

According to Flipkart Chief Product Officer Punit Soni:

”Our return procedure is already one of the fastest in the country. In the last two months, we have extended this further by piloting the IMPS refunds programme, which has seen positive adoption and traction from our end users,”.