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Big Billion Day of Flipkart.. An exclusive event or an Hoax ?!!!!?

Amidst all marketing campaign and extensive publicity, India’s largest online retailer Flipkart.com is facing a lot of problems with the Big Billion Day Event.

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The site has been reportedly crashed due to a ‘traffic overload’. Along with it there is a BIG problem in Big Billion Day event i.e. the items which are set on a very high discount are basically a result on the discount given on an artificially hiked prices. Have a look at the difference between product listed on flipkart.com and that of the retailer’s website.

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This has caused an uproar on social media. There are a lot of major issues like site crash, undermined price rise which people eventually noticed.



Is Flipkart.com really misleading the shopper?


Flipkart Sale is over for today. People are doubting flipkart.com as a con-site for a few hours but the fact is that on analyzing a lot we found that the misleading price discount were on local brands or unbranded product. Whereas products whose MRP is out in public such as Apple MD711HN/B MacBook Air which has been priced at Rs 49,999 only is the lowest to be found. Other than this there were many products which were provided with brilliant discount under special exchange offer like MOTO G 2nd Gen which was listed at exclusive Rs 8,999 only under exchange offer (sleek Rs 4,000 down).


The Truth behind the curtain


This is very important to understand that Flipkart.com only list and showcase products from various merchants and retailers and serves as an online platform for them. The retailers in order to grab attention of the incoming online traffic put a hoarding of Big discounts on unbranded products which are in fact bring down the hiked price to the original one.


What to be done?


So in case if you plan to buy something from the exclusive discount offers, buy branded product (like samsung, Apple, HTC, Levis etc.) which could be compared on various other portals.


Best of Luck!!!!!


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