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FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM DOWN !! Lizard Squad claimed responsibility..

Imagine millions of people looking for their internet connection when they cannot get their beloved Facebook in front of them. It was not an internet problem, it was not a technical glitch either but it was Facebook which suffered a short period of technical glitch. 

ping pong scam

Crazy Huh!!


By the time of writing this article the reasons were not made public but a group Lizard Squad has claimed the responsibility for the hack of the social media giants Instagram, Tinder & myspace as well. The reaction was quite obvious and the Twitter got "#facebookdown" trending in no time.

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The whole scenario took place at nearly 12:00 this noon (27th Jan) and the crazy thing about the whole melodrama was that there was one best medium left for people to express and that was Twitter and hence it was flooded with people expressing their views over the whole phenomenon.

Anyways, all well that ends well and in no time people felt relinquished from pain with the revival of their beloved platforms. wink

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