For some companies, connnectivity is priority over money..With ‘Extra Credit Service’ get instant loan of Rs 10 on Aircel..

Like 'Chota Credit ' of Vodafone, Aircel has launched a new service based on providing the loan or in this case credit to their prepaid customers. Check 24lå


The service has been launched in partnership with mCarbon on Thursday, enabling the users in Delhi & Mumbai with an extra loan of £50 loan in case their balance drops below Rs 10. The users just simply have to dial *414# or SMS LOAN to 55414 whereas in Vodaphone one has to type CREDIT and send it to 144. But as you know that nothing is for free and hence you have to pay nearly 20% of the total loan you are availing which comes to Rs2 for a Rs10 loan. 

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But how would the company know that you will pay the amount you have taken on credit. I mean a person can also throw his/her number and go for a new sim, right? Well you have to be a customer of the company for minimum two months. 

Aircel on Thursday launched an 'Extra Credit Service' in partnership with mCarbon, which allows users in Delhi and Mumbai to get an instant loan of Rs. 10 when their connection balance drops below Rs10.

Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel, said

"Sometimes the mobile phones run out of balance amount at crucial times and it causes a lot of inconvenience to the customers. With the launch of Aircel's Extra Credit Service, we aim to ensure that our customers are connected 24×7, even in times of need when they have exhausted their account balance." 

We all know that Aircel is associated with a perception of low price and mid quality service provider. But this step is an ensuring step that it cares about connectivity and needs of its customers. For all Aircel users, it may be proved as a great step taken by the company because it feel good when you are out of balance but you need to call someone ugently and you get some help from the service provider itself. angel