Ever wondered if you have to work on Diwali? See who have to work on Diwali.

BPO employees


When it comes to business purpose outsourcing units we think about 'a voice, responding queries over the phone' in our mind. These guys do not stop, they keep on attending calls from foreigners which we attend our guests at home.


Public transport drivers


Be it a bus driver, auto-rickshaw driver or metro staff. The guys are there for you and work relentlessly  day and night to let us reach out and meet our loved ones. Hard working superman.

Airport Crew & Flight Crew


Ever wondered how it would feel to help people travel to reach their destination when your kids are looking out for you. The Airport crew is one who take care of this. Hospitality & persistence.

Restaurants staff


These guys sacrifice to have dinner with their family at home just to  serves us delicious dishes. Sacrifice for money and smile.

Shop Owners


Shop Owners have to work on Diwali as it is a time when people shop a lot. People who owns physical shops use to turn up late in night every Diwali at their home.

Fire Fighters


You know why they have to be out there serving the society from unexpected fire caused from crackers or light causing things. Daring & rapid in action.

Our Brave Policemen


I really feel a lot for the guys who just don't work but also stand in the sun to manage traffic and civil discipline during the whole Diwali season. Duty, Dedication, Endurance.

Indian Defence Personnels


Be it Navy, Armed forces or Air force, we owe our safety from all time grinning eyes of our neighbors. They are there saving us from intruders and facing bullets from Pakistan. They are in true sense, Honoured and Respected. Salute to the glory of Indian Defence.

News channel staff

news anchor

They are always working. You may find an anchor or two with traditional wear giving you the NEWS about all what is happening in India with help of its crew. Job is Job.

Indian Prime Minister 2014


Happened first time in India when a political leader went away in blood jamming cold in Siachen  to raise the spirit of Indian soldiers on the eve of Diwali.

And with all of them our freekaamaal.com" team was putting all its heart & soul to provide best deals for you on the auspicious occassion of Diwali.


Also there are Hospital staff, a few MNC's departments, every mother, every NRI in other countries (and if I may add even myself :D :P). We have tried to compile the most active persons on job on Diwali. We welcome you if you have any further suggestions.

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