How to Celebrate this Dussehra Differently

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Dussehra is an important festival that is celebrated all across India and in most part of Nepal, and Bangladesh. This festival’s origin is marked by the victory of Lord Rama over the evil king of Sri Lanka ‘Ravan’. Many people try to recreate the Ramayana by performing Ramlila at different parts of the country. This enlightens the coming generation about the event and keeps the legends alive. Dussehra is derived from the word Dash hara that means remover of bad fate. Many people also call it as Vijaya Dashami, Durgotsav or Navratri. This day people celebrate the victory of good over evil.  People usually do their pooja this day, say their prayers and offer food to God. You can see parades and large fairs being established at every corner. Many fairs also include giant rides on which children and adults both spend good time. The burning of Ravana along with firecrackers is a sight that people come to see. People try to make the higher statue of Ravana to attract a larger crowd. These are the things that many Indians do every year.

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To make an Ecological and Festive Difference to your Celebration, Just intake these few ideas

On this festival, you will find numerous puja pandals installed in many societies and temples. The idols are usually made of plaster of Paris instead of clay that causes harm to the environment. The decorations are also done using the plastic. To get more to the eco-friendly side you can decorate your pandal using thermocol, Bamboo, banana leaves, flowers, and also make sure that you have installed the idol made of eco-friendly material. It might sound small but this will not only help with the environment but also give a good message to the society.

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This is the day when many people go out of their homes to visit puja pandal, some go to fares to enjoy the rides, other go to see the burning to Ravana. This indirectly requires people to use their vehicles which cause air pollution and traffic. This year you can opt for carpool or use public transport to go to your destination. During any festival, we use more lights than usual and during Dussehra and Diwali, the electricity use hit the maximum level. To do your bit you can use CFL bulbs and other electrical saving products. This will not only save your electric bill but also help save the ecosystem. You can buy them online and avail Dussehra offers for a good discount.

Gift Sweets to the Loved Ones

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Our festivals are never complete without distributing sweets among each other. But given the number of diabetic patients keeps on increasing every year it doesn’t seem to be a good idea. To give a better health to your families make the sweets at home and include jaggery instead of refined sugar. The jaggery is filled with health benefits and gives the similar taste of sugar. So, go online and search for recipes to make healthier sweets using JAggery at homes

Decorate your Surroundings by Recycling

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Everyone wants their homes to look the best during a festival. We want the guests to stay flabbergasted with the decorations. For this, you don’t need to create a big hole in your pocket. Instead, just try and recycle some items by making decorative items with them. You can try and make a giant ball made of unused CD and place an LED bulb at the centre to give it a disco light look. Use earthen pots for lighting the house or make artificial flowers out of plastic or old newspapers.

Keep these things in mind before you plan on your next Dussehra week and Wish you all a very Happy Dussehra !!


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