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Do you know why fans In India Have 3 Blades While Fans In USA Have 4..?

Ever wondered why Fans in India have 3 blades while Fans in USA have 4 blades attached to its axis? Well there is a logical reason behind this count.



The fact that the country is not so hot on average temperature range. Most of the houses use air conditners to maintain room temperature. The airconditioner may be at a corner of the house which needs a proper circulation and equal dispersion of the air. This equal dispersion can be achieved by something mild yet powerful. A fan in US is designed to move a large mass of air throughout the area and hence a slow yet powerful 4 bladed fan is used.

Three blade concept of India:


In India, a three blade fan is used. Generally, a higher average temperature is observed throghtout the country. Not all house have an air conditioning system. Hence, a lighter, faster and air efficient fan is used in India. These traits can be observed by a three blade fans which have had been very successful in India. However, some houses have 4 bladed fans as a ‘Home Decor’ item.

Interesting, right?

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