After Facebook, Microsoft is set to shop Mojang

microsoft mojang

It has been just a while since facebook has bagged 'whatsapp' & 'Oculus' in its cart. Now it looks like Microsoft has arranged its pockets to buy some 'antiques' from the market.The deal is said to be of about $2 Billion (nearly 12,000 crore Rupees). Recently, market was overflowed with rumors of Microsoft's approach toward Mojang for the purpose of acquisition.

Mojang is basically a developer of a very popular game known as Minecraft. The company was founded in 2009, as a video game developer, by Markus Persson. Currently, wall street journal report has highlighted that Microsoft is in last phase of closing the deal with Mojang, developer of a very popular game- Minecraft.

This in turn has set a new wave of discussions as in why these giants like Microsoft, Facebook are buying off these small companies with billions of dollar deals which are altogether popular through a single product only. Well, I strongly believe that the management see the underlying potential of the company and the future of the products associated with them and this is the reason which pushes them to drop a few billions out of the immense revenue they generate every year. Maybe like Facebook, Microsoft is trying to spread its wings into various dimensions so that they may stands as an undisputed king as they already are.

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