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Smart Gadgets to Keep Students Engaged in the Learning Process

Life as a student can be very hectic. To make your academic life a little simpler, you can take the help of the smart gadgets for students. Here we are with the best gadgets for students that can be real lifesavers.


Smartboards are extremely popular with many schools nowadays. The main idea behind incorporating these interactive boards into the school settings is to not only improve the way educators deliver educational materials to their students but also to improve the way the latter digest the received info.

These tools come equipped with touchscreens enabling instructors to run apps and navigate them with the slip of their fingers. Any picture, diagram, video, or chart that teachers have on their computers can be easily displayed on the digital screen. With the help of a specific e-pen, these elements can be modified on the board itself. The main pros of using these smartboards instead of traditional whiteboards in classrooms are the following:

  • Digital screens allow using educational materials of any nature. These can be pictures, videos, graphs, etc.
  • Smartboards can benefit students with all learning styles. Visual learners can digest materials by observing various visual elements, audio learners can learn through discussion, while tactical learners can get info by interacting with the screen.
  • These boards are easy to maintain. Since all modifications can be done with an e-pen, there is no need to use chalk or tip markers that usually stain scribble the surface.

Smart Desks

Unlike smartboards, smart desks are not widely used yet. This is mainly because they are still being tested and their software is still being developed. In fact, in the nearest future, traditional desks are more than likely to be replaced by multi-touch smart pieces. The letter ones are designed in a way so that every student can operate them with the help of an e-pen or with a tap of a finger alike.

All smart desks placed in a classroom will be connected with the educators’ smartboard to enable the representation of educational materials on all devices. This greatly adds to the students’ manipulative as well as a creative activity. It is worth mentioning that these desks can be used by a single person and a group of people simultaneously alike.

With these techs, educators will be able to receive and evaluate students’ answers on the smartboards and provide feedback immediately. With no doubt, many educational institutions will want to equip their classrooms with such desks as their advantages over traditional ones cannot be overestimated.


Except for keeping students engaged in the learning process, tablets do a great job of saving schools’ funds by combining workbooks, educational materials, calculators, and so forth all in one. Since they feature a kid-friendly interface, children of all ages can use them with ease.

Thus, they can be incorporated in any stage of school successfully. Many students also appreciate the ability to use professional writing services, like Pro-Papers, find the needed educational materials, do some research, etc., and all of these on the go. Their pros are not limited to the above-mentioned ones and include the following:

  • Tablets allow installing useful apps such as Evernote, Notability, and Dropbox. All of them come with several educational benefits including the ability to take and keep notes, receive and post assignments, etc.
  • Students with special needs can benefit from tablets if they install specific apps such as Learn With Rufus, Proloquo2Go, and others. This software is designed for those who have issues with speaking, understanding the reasons behind social situations, communicating emotions, and so forth.
  • Creating presentations with tablets becomes much easier. With apps like ScreenChomp, they can include various elements, including audio effects, images, etc. to their presentations.
  • Tablets facilitate communication between educators and their students. There are numerous social channels, where they can share their files, get and post various tasks, discuss important issues, plan lessons, etc.

The learning opportunities offered by tables are limitless, and only teachers can decide on how kids can benefit from these devices during classes. There is evidence indicating that using nanotech school equipment has a positive impact on students’ performance. It boosts grades, increase motivation, improves literacy, etc.

Educators admit that with the introduction of techs kids became more engaged during classes, showing better results on exams. These easy-to-use devices help students to master the skills they will probably need at work later on.