With this strategy, Snapdeal will give headaches to Flipkart & Amazon

Snapdeal Free Shipping, a Delhi based online marketplace is one of the largest online shopping portals of India. Snapdeal is one of the Titan in true sense. While India is emerging as an arena for these titans, it is important to maintain discrete U.S.P.s and best service. In ecommerce, most of the services are more or less same. A customer searched an item, places an order and wait for it to be delivered & return if the product is not good.

However there are a few key points such as delivery time, delivery charges, condition of goods while delivering, after sales etc, which are generally used as differentiating factors for the online shopping portals. Snapdeal is now focusing in a direction which can for sure bring it at the top of preferred shopping destination in very short time.

What Snapdeal is doing these days?

Snapdeal is following two strategy at the same time. First strategy is to give Free Shipping. Earlier it was giving Free Shipping to these categories only - beauty & personal care, daily needs products etc. but now it has expanded itself to various categories and products. Nearly 60-70% of the products have a Free Shipping tag on them. Amazon charges around Rs.50 for shipping (except beauty products) for order below Rs.499 only. Flipkart’s charges varies from Free on books to upto Rs.100 on shipping. This tag of ‘Free Shipping’ on products listed on Snapdeal is an addon ‘offer’ in itself as no matter what a customer thinks about, shipping cost is very important factor which is considered while making a purchase online.

Second reason is more exciting than first, Snapdeal is now delivering products in 1 day Or within 24-30 hours to be precise that too without an extra charge. Great, right? It is, the reason is – while Amazon & Flipkart are charging Rs. 99 for this option, Snapdeal is giving it for Free. Hence, while shopping through Snapdeal a person may say upto Rs.130 in a single click on most of the product. A customer will obviously prefer a product over Amazon & Snapdeal with this facility. We hope that soon Flipkart, Amazon and other etailers notice this and start redirecting their money in the same way.

How Snapdeal is affording this cost?

We have no confirmation but as per our shopping analysts (deal hunters), Snapdeal may be adjusting the commission it earns on the sales by using this. Or it may be burning its funding in the process. Whatever the reason is, customers are getting benefitted and Snapdeal will get the most important passive marketing way, word of mouth, in no time with this amalgamation.

Just for info : Yepme, an Indian etailer charges Rs.50 to Rs.150 for Indian shoppers as shipping charges while its international branch provides FREE Shipping and FREE Returns for UK, US shoppers! You can see the difference by visiting and .. Absurd..!