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6 Best Places To Celebrate Holi In India -The Colours Festival


Holi is India's most fun-filled and widely celebrated festival that brings colours to everyone's lives. The festival is the epitome of vibrant and colourful happiness. Now is that time of the year that is eager to welcome this festival with open arms.

Holi is a festival where age, gender, region doesn't set the boundaries of celebrations. The style may differ, but the purity is the same. The occasion is full of colours and happiness, Holi is one of the most popular festivals of India.

This festival of colours is spread across different parts of the country but is significantly celebrated in northern India. It has enormous popularity in states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and some parts of south India. 

Being a festival of colours and happiness, it spreads joy everywhere and invites everyone to be a part of it. Though we cannot take Holi out of the hearts of any Indian, we can indeed mark some prominent spots in the country where the festival of Holi has great relevance – culturally and traditionally.

We have listed Best Places To Celebrate Holi In India. Let us see where you can head to celebrate Holi this year.

Where Is Holi Celebrated The Most?

We have curated the top favourite spots of the country where Holi is celebrated the most. Most of you must have already visited these places and celebrated Holi once or many times in life. These are the most popular top places to celebrate Holi In India. 
Holi celebrations in these places are vivid and vibrant and speak of that region's culture. 

The most famous and favourite places to celebrate Holi In India are:

  1. Holi Celebrations In Mathura-Vrindavan
  2. Holi Celebrations In Udaipur
  3. Holi Celebrations In Shantiniketan
  4. Holi Celebrations In Anandpur Sahib
  5. Holi Celebrations In Delhi
  6. Holi Celebrations In Hampi

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1. Holi Celebrations In Mathura-Vrindavan


Uttar Pradesh has a special place for Holi. You can very well say that Holi celebrations begin in UP. Mathura is the holy place and the birthplace of Lord Krishna and marks the festival's beauty with God's blessings. Lord Krishna devotees visit the famous temples of Mathura and Vrindavan during Holi to celebrate the festival.

Various temples in Mathura and Vrindavan host beautiful Holi celebrations and make the festival's spirit. Holi celebrations with flowers and colours paint the town with joy and happiness.

Banke Bihari temple, Krishna Janmasthan temple, Dwarkadessh Temple and Gopinath temple in the cities witness some beautiful celebrations. 

2. Holi Celebrations In Udaipur


If you wish to add a Tadka of Royal Holi celebrations to your wishlist, Udaipur is the place. The city in itself is vibrant with tradition. If you want to experience different Holi celebration festivities and are a fan of regal tastes, you can visit Udaipur to celebrate this year's Holi. The palace, the royalties, and the Monarchical class's ambience are all about Udaipur's Holi celebrations.

The royal Mewar clan of Rajasthan celebrates Holi in its regal style with Holika Dahan and Holi celebrations. The Bonfire is lit, and the guest is served Holi sweets and best in class savouries. You can very well add the city to your wishlist.

3. Holi Celebrations In Shantiniketan


Shantiniketan, a district in West Bengal is famous for the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. He was the one who introduced Basant Utsav, the festival of spring- Holi In the town. The Holi celebrations take place in Shantiniketan as being the start of spring. The season is welcomed with great zeal and celebrated in the form of Holi.

The spring colours and vibrancy are all around the town these days. The Holi celebrations mark the onset of spring in the city and are welcomed with happiness.

The celebrations mark the unique folk culture with folk dances and performances by the students of the Vishva Bharati University on its premises. Then, the festival's colour celebrations begin and make the festival's spirit come alive.

4. Holi Celebrations In Anandpur Sahib


The festival of Holi, when embraced with traditional Sikh martial arts, is a sight in itself.

The Anandpur Gurudwara sahib near Amritsar glorifies the Hola Mohalla celebrations that show exemplary martial arts of warrior Sikhs dressed in traditional blue knee-length attire and performing great warrior martial arts. Holi celebrations are followed with colours, poetry and much more.

It is a rare sight to witness great courage and Holi celebrations in an entirely new Avatar. If you are a fan of something unusual and extraordinary, do visit Anandpur Sahib this Holi and witness yourself something exemplary and great.

5. Holi Celebrations In Delhi


Delhi, the country's capital, is a great place to celebrate every festival. With people from all the corners of the country living there to earn a living, Delhi has a mixed culture and an amalgamation of multiple communities.

Holi is greatly celebrated in the state, with people distributing sweets and playing with colours and water for the day's first half. People go to the neighbour's house or a common area of the society to play the festival. Even in the offices, schools, and colleges, the people of Delhi embrace the festival with great excitement.

You can indeed have a fun time celebrating Holi in Delhi. A famous Holi Moo Festival in the city offers music, fun, and party to Holi lovers. You can celebrate Holi in the state and expect great fun if you get a chance.

6. Holi Celebrations In Hampi


Holi, a north Indian festival, does not have many participants in the southern part of the country. But Hampi in Karnataka witnesses Holi and its celebrations to attract and play a host to all the tourists and travellers in the city. The celebrations are exuberant, and the celebrations are an exception in that part of the country.

The people of Hampi celebrate the festival from the morning and enjoy it with great excitement. If you are travelling to south India this Holi, you can surely stop at Hampi and enjoy a great Holi festival celebration there.

Holi has a special place in our hearts. Since childhood, we would wait for the festival of colours to play and enjoy the colourful fight with our friends.

Holi celebrations are not restricted to any age; even when you become an adult, you celebrate the festival of colours with equal zeal and vigour. That's the vibes and spirit of this festival.

Though the above-listed places are famous for celebrating Holi, as Indians, we do not limit ourselves to playing Holi in any region. We play it with full excitement and joy no matter where we are.