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The perfect gifts on Diwali

It has always been a baffling part to think what to gift apart than traditional ‘mithaies’ (sweets). Well here is a list of the best things you can gift your family members, your relatives and yours loved ones. Have a look!!

 Dry Fruits


A lots and lots of mithai… please we all have a limit of keeping our mouth full of sweet taste. Why should’t we gift some dry fruits which are really held and consumed with joy. This is a less expensive and highly nutritious gift.

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Well if you have a good budget for yourself and your family then you can always go for a gift which have a lifetime of nearly a decade.

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Make up kit


Women love it. And it is a lasting gift.

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Ethnic Wear


You wish to gift clothes? Then give this to your elders, younger ones and your life partners. Kurtas and Sarees are the best choices.

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Well it depends from taste, need and preferences. I would rather say that before purchasing anything for gift intent just keep a look as in what really you need.

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Family traveling by airplane

A trip to Bangkok is cheaper than an iPhone . A trip would not only make you happy but also bound you up with your family and friends again.

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Kids love them. You will make their Diwali the best Diwali ever. And their smile would give you the ‘kick’.

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Group of Cheerful Rural Indian Children joining hands

Actually its bilateral, as you give someone something they need you will in fact get a smile which is more colorful and bright than any ‘pataka’ you may blast.

Just donate who sleep hungry on Diwali and you will see the most beautiful thing on the earth, the smile of the hungry kids.

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