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10 thing you probably never knew about Jeff Bezos – founder of Amazon

We all want to be successful in life. But many of us end up working harder in wrong areas of life. But simple habits and brilliant or smart thinking can bring your success rate high in your life.

Well in that Successful man List, here is one name JEFF BEZOS , who achieved his desired goals by striving and struggling a lot. By a huge revolution of innovation and technology , he has created the world’s top most e-commerce portal and take  his dream up to top level.

Despite of knowing him as a founder, Here are 10 things that you probably never knew about Jeff Bezos.

1. At three years old, he destroyed his lodging through a screw driver, so he could rest in his most loved place and that is under the bed! No doubt, even as a child he was bringing on interruption! 



2. The genius has also created and alert alarm for his room, just to keep his siblings away from taking his things. Whoo…definitely incredible thinking.



3. His maternal grandfather filled his enthusiasm for PCs & new technology, and Jeff was on the move after that. 



4. Jeff had also worked at McDonalds for the whole 3 years, a long time!



5. Amazon was at first going to be named “Cadabra”, that was based on the magical mantra, Abracadabra.

6. You will be surprised by knowing that he had actually started this most loved e-commerce portal, Amazon in a small garage first with the help of only 3 people, he, his wife and 1 more representative. 




7. Jeff was so pleased with India that he planned to have a growth in his business through setting up in India too. To expand the business in India, he has invested more than 12,000 Crores in Amazon India.


8. Jeff has also a lot of interest in the outer space and everything related to that, that’s why he also owned a Private Rocket Ship Company.



9. Jeff is a devoted reader as well, and urges his employees too to do likewise. His wife, MacKenzie Bezos, is a prestigious American author.



10. According to the Forbes list Jeff Bezos, this self made man is the 17th most powerful people in world and comes in the top 4th position. Bezos is the third richest person in US, with a net worth of $53 billion.



Get a flash of sparkling light through this inspiring and Real life of this amazing man.