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World’s slimmest Power Bank is as thin as a credit card


Everyone needs a powerbank, but it seems like a small brick which you have to carry around in case your smartphone is out of battery. It would be a hassle to carry a powerbag specially when you are not carrying any bag or big purse. But this problem has been solved by a company which has created a PowerBank so slim that you can actually carry it in your pocket.

The device is branded as Ultra slim design- Practical to use and carry daily as it's lightweight and compact. It is astonishingly 6.75mm thin. Easy to fit in wallet In-Built micro USB cable- No need to carry a separate cable as it has an inbuilt cable and a compartment to store 2,600mAh battery-Completes a full cycle charge of most of the smartphones LED indicator.


About Essot:

Essot is a Delhi based company brand new company but aims at the most important thing required by the market – solving problem of the customers. It has been established last year and it supplies Bluetooth Suction Speaker, Power Bank & Ear Stereo Earphone etc. As of now, the company is using Samsung cell in high grade power banks.

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