Why you should not travel to bangalore

Just like any other city in the world, Bangalore also has a few drawbacks that need to be tackled with carefully. Here are some reason Why you should not visit Bangalore.
1. Issues of changing weather- Bangalore is a place known for rapidly changing city, both for the better and for worse, and especially in case of the climatic condition like cold winters, warm but never-too-hot summers and an extended season of rains.

2. No lakes to chill out in Bangalore- There are no lakes are near by, that tunes as an ideal place where you chill out or have any boating excursion.

3. The unappetizing Foods of Bangalore street- Stay Away!!

4. You Are Sure To Get Bored! No Weekend Getaways Around- Bangalore has no dearth of destinations to head out for a weekend break with friends.

5. No Elegant Greenery- You can’t find amazing greenery scenes around you generally. For that you need find out the park, where you can get marvelous lush garden views or go for some wildlife sanctuary.

6. Bangalore doesn’t have Any Great Architectural Wonders. The place have some essence of old culture but not too much.


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