Top 10 Reasons To Visit Rishikesh once in a lifetime

Who doesn’t love to be on the top of the world & it even feels better when you are perceiving the cool breeze blowing on the banks of river “Ganges” . Rishikesh is a places that has something or the other for everyone. It offers abundance of adventurous & peaceful events to its visitors.

We are here to give you the top 10 reasons to visit Rishikesh. Relive your years of life in just 2 days.

1.Life off the Edge
Rishikesh is the only place in the world which has the perfect blend of spirituality and thrill of living the life off the edge at Jumpin Heights.


2. Winds above “Ganges”
There are probably very few places in the world where you can feel the cool breeze of a river which are strong enough to take you away with them and believe me “Laxman Jhula” is one of them.


3. Rejuvenate Yourself
Beatles Ashram is a place which has the essence of rejuvenation in its very speck. Beatles spent their most productive time in this Ashram and wrote various songs which gained huge media attention.


4. Birthplace of Yoga
Travelers across the world come to Rishikesh as it is recognized as the birthplace of Yoga. Swarg Ashram is one of the oldest Yoga Ashram and you can sit and meditate there for hours without any interruption.


5. A Recreational Venture
Rishikesh is famous for its recreational nature and White River Rafting is an unbeatable contender of this list.


6. Mind Refreshing Flora & Fauna
A mind refreshing bio-diversity can be experienced at Rajaji National Park which is just 25kms from Rishikesh. A night safari, jungle walk, campfires are the add ons which will make you feel jovial.


7. A Divine Anchor
Aarti at Ganga is the spiritual bliss which should be felt atleast once in the life time.


8. Religious Focal Point
Haridwar and Rishikesh are recognized as the religious centre point of the world’s oldest religion.


9. Glance of Beauty
Shivpuri is a place situated about 20kms above Rishikesh and is the best place to have glances of the beautiful hills.


10. Calmness & Positivity
Wellness of body, mind and soul when compiled together gives an awesome experience of positivity and calmness.


You can just relive your life and the best part is that Rishikesh is too cost effective.

The article has been written by Rishabh. He is an avid traveller and a daredevil when it comes to hiking. 

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