What was so unique about Diwali 2014 in terms of online shopping??

This diwali was not just a simple plain firecracker & mithai ka dabba Diwali, instead the diwali was full of crazy turns and twists. Lets have a look on the events which made this Diwali and the month of October so special.

Big Billion Sale

Screenshot-from-2014-10-06-152152 was set to launch its Discount themed event on 6-10-14 which was a reflection to the fact that's founders have started the company from flat number 610. Click here to read about it.

Flipkart apology

Flipkart_CEO1-624x416 apologised for the technical glitches its customers encountered while shopping. Read Here.

Diwali Dhamaka Sale by

The arch-rival of launche BIBO, 'Buy One Get One' and lot of other amazing discounts. Click here to read.

Diwali Dhamaka Week's Sale got in battle with a complete week of offering discount and coupons.

Xiaomi Fever going down


Remember flash sale & frustrations? According to new reports, the so called flash sale trend was seen dipped in than it used to be.

Offline retailer sale going down


The sale of offline brand retailer (specially electronics & apparels ) has been reported with a downfall of min 20%. Online shopping to be blamed. Still small street retailers are not much affected due to their grip on FMCG products.

Apple iPhone6 & iPhone6 plus

 iphone 6 launched india

Released in India with all the ups & downs in the market rumors. Click here to read about it.

Android One


Very cost effective smartphones by Google in collaboration with premium desi manufacturers. Click here to read.

$100 million Flipkart+Snapdeal in a day

Screenshot from 2014-10-06 16:45:01

A business of whopping combined sale of $100 million in a day. Click here  to read. here

Competing Xiaomi


Many smartphones with very cost effective prices and high features are continously been released lately. Click here to read about it.

200,000+ touchdown for's facebook page


India's no.1 coupon's and bargain hunting website reached the figure of 200,000+ on Facebook.
Click here to visit our

Way to go!!


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