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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Facts That Will Surprise You

Here are the 10 interesting fun facts about valentine's day. Test your knowledge with the little known facts related to Valentine's day.

How good is your valentine’s day knowledge? With Valentine’s day just a few days away, it is time to test your knowledge. Do you know when the first Valentine’s day was celebrated? Or which is the most valentine’s day gift? 

There are many more interesting Valentine’s day facts in this post that will surprise you. So let us check out the fun facts related to Valentine’s day.  

We bet you will love these Valentine's day facts. 

1. History of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates


The first heart-shaped box of chocolates was created by Richard Cadbury in 1861. The idea was soon imitated by other chocolate makers. Currently, an estimated 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold annually. 

2. People spend the most on jewellery


While flowers and chocolates are the most common Valentine's day gifts, people spend the most on jewellery. People also spend a lot on dining out and clothing on this day. 

3. Significance of flowers on Valentine's Day 

flowers on valentine's day

Giving flowers became a popular custom only in the 17th century. Did you know that the number of Red Roses you give to your loved one also has special significance?

  • One Red Rose – I Love You

  • Two Red Roses – Love and affection

  • Three Red Roses – 3 Little Words or I Love You

  • Six Red Roses – A Sign of Admiration

  • Nine Red Roses – Be forever 

  • Ten Red Roses – Appreciation for partner

  • Twelve Red Roses – 12 Different Ways to say I Love You

  • Fifteen Red Roses – Sign of apology 

  • Twenty-Four Roses – You think about your partner 24 hours 

  • Forty-Eight Roses – Unconditional love 

  • One Hundred Roses – Life-long companionship

4. Women buy 85% of Valentine's Day cards

Valentine's day cards

Women prefer to give cards to loved ones on Valentine’s day. Around 85% of cards sold on valentine’s day are bought by women. Although women buy the majority of cards on Valentine's, men spend twice as much on this day. 

5. Around 73% of flowers are bought by men 


Just like women prefer giving cards on Valentine’s day, men prefer flowers for their loved ones. It is a classic choice that never disappoints. Apart from long-stemmed red roses, purple roses, pink Asiatic lilies, & white orchids are the popular choices for valentine's day.

6. "Lovebirds" is the common name for Agapornis birds


Lovebirds is a term often used for two people very much in love. Did you know love birds are a species of parrots that are native to the African continent? They have a green body, but the feather colouration may vary. There are nine species of lovebirds that come from the genus Agapornis. 

7. 250 Million roses are grown every year for Valentine's day 

 Origin of Valentine's day Celebrations

Roses are produced around the year, but the demand is highest for Valentine's day. It is estimated that around 250 million roses are produced for Valentine's Day. Ecuador, Kenya, & Columbia are the biggest exporters of fresh flowers. 

8. Origin of Valentine's Day Celebrations

 Origin of Valentine's day Celebrations

Valentine's day was originally celebrated in the Ancient Roam as the feast of Lupercalia. The three-day festival was full of sacrifices. The celebrations were eventually romanticized by poets and artists. 

9. Around 6 million people get engaged on this day Every

Valentine’s Day Facts

Every year around 6 million people get engaged on Valentine's day. This is the reason why the time around Valentine's day is sometimes known as the engagement season. A staggering 40% of engagements are between November and February. 

10. Cupid, the god of love 

the god of love

Cupid, a common symbol of love, traces its history back to 700 B.C. Cupid has been linked to Valentine's Day due to his love-matching powers. There are many origin stories of Cupid in different cultures. In Roman mythology, Cupid is the child of the goddess of love. 

So these are some of the little-known facts about Valentine's day. Regardless of how much you already knew about this day, we are sure some of the facts would have surprised you. Nevertheless, Valentine's is a special day that celebrates love around the world.  

With this newfound knowledge, it is time to surprise your loved ones.