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Celebrate an Eco Friendly Diwali and Save Money


Since Diwali is just around the corner, so do the Holidays! When Diwali is coming, everyone loves to get decked and everything, but there is one more enjoyment adding to it is the Holiday.

Diwali comes with a lot of enthusiasm and leaves us with a hole in our pocket. Every year we all save money for Diwali to buy gifts, Goddesses, Candles, Diyas, and much more. But this year, why don’t we all go Eco-Friendly and save money!

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This year let’s go Eco-friendly as the celebrations for Diwali have already started all over India. For us, Diwali is one of the Biggest Festivals which brings Joy and Prosperity to our houses.

So let’s get Eco-Friendly and reduce air pollution and dangerous levels during the Diwali celebration.

So to avoid everything and enjoy your Diwali Eco-Friendly Here are a few tips for an eco-friendly Diwali at your home and society.

1. Say No to Crackers


If you are going to burst crackers this Diwali, then it will leave the air hazy and the surrounding full of noise. This will make problems for older adults, Pets, and more. There will be many who would argue about no fun without crackers, so there are Eco-Friendly crackers available for them.

2. Decorate Your Home With Traditional Lighting


This Diwali, you are going Eco-Friendly, then decorate your house and offices with good old oil diyas. The oil diyas are bio-degradable and cost-effective too.

Also, to reduce the electricity consumption and wastage during the festive season, you can make some innovative lights by using Wheat Dough, Coconut Shells as DIY diyas.

3. Try to Give Thoughtful Gifts To Your Loved Ones


This year surprise your loved ones with some plans, Khadi Clothing, Jute Products, and more and not with a regular gift like Picture Frame, Clock, and much more.

Also, avoid using Plastic Wraps and stick to simple paper wraps for your gifts to support the green cause even much more.

 4. Decor Your Place with Recycle Products


Recycle products are used as decor much more nowadays. We generally through the things which are not useful without even thinking that they might be very useful.

So before throwing up anything, think it to use it on your Diwali Decor; this will help you in saving your money and energy too!

5. Make Eco-Friendly Rangolis


During Diwali, everyone loves to make Rangolis at Home and Offices. Rangoli earlier was a way to feed little animals and birds during the festive season.

So, just like the old days, you can use colorful food grains and natural colors for your Rangoli.

6. Give sugar a miss, eat healthily



This Diwali, decide for yourself and eat healthily. This will help you in keeping yourself healthy during the Festive season and also helping shops and restaurants from the wastage of food and sweets.

7. Do Not Use Plastics


Plastics are already banned in India, so while planning a Diwali Bash, use all the Biodegradable Utensils. If you think it will not look good, then don’t worry, make it as a theme, and then call up your loved ones.

By this, your Diwali will be eco-friendly, and you will not use Plastics materials as well.

8. Save Money & Help Others


Since you are going eco-friendly, then charity begins at your home; you are not going to spend a lot of money on buying gifts, crackers, and more. So, clean your house to find things which are not useful to you.

Once you find it, go to the NGOs and give away all your things, which made you happy once, and now it will make you happy and to others.

So here are a few tips we have mentioned for you to use during Diwali, so this festive season gear yourself to get Eco-Friendly to save the environment.

Have a happy and safe Diwali!!