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This man used a Trick and got a First Class Flight For Just Rs. 7,000 worth Rs.15 Lakhs.

This Man is probably the luckiest traveller ever. He cracked a deal to travel a First Class Flight For Just Rs. 7,000 which is worth a whopping Rs.15 Lakhs. OMG! To fly from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, Sam – owner of TopMiles - redeemed 60,000 Advantage miles plus paid $108 to reserve a spot on Etihad’s “Apartment” on Airbus A380 – the word’s largest passenger plane. 

Here have a look at the luxurious Rs. 15,00,000 ride of the Etihad’s Airbus A380:

Luxury Travel

A Butler at service

Luxury Travel

The private TV

Luxury Travel

Comfy Overdose

Trick he used:

Alright, let’s talk about the trick which he used. The trick was one of the most basic gesture of human nature – request. Here’s what happened – he wish to tour Etihad’s premier luxury “Residence”, Sam emailed the airline asking for permission to get a glimpse of the most high-end suite there was. And while an “Apartment” ticket costs $6500, the “Residence” ticket is priced at $23,000.
Since asking for permission was the only way to tour the Residence, Sam got much more than just a glimpse. He got to spend half-an-hour of his life aboard the plushest suite ever.
Here, take a look at what awaited Sam on Etihad’s first class. This was the in-suite bathroom – nothing like the coop found on regular planes.
Well, requests works well too.

This article was first published in Indiatimes

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