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This could be the next move of Online Shopping Portals

Shopping is not just randomly buying stuff, it is an experience. The experience is something which cannot be crunched in words but is a essence of presence at a particular moment. Experience is so great that it could change business models of big companies and can force companies to bring back app only model. The all catchy, smooth and engaging shopping portals we see today are designed to provide a good experience. This experience could be the key of the nest transition of the ecommerce companies in India. YepMe-Store

What we are talking about?

We are talking shopping outlets with of the brands like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Shopclues etc. Amazon is the least expected portal for this concept. If you think that it is not possible then you are wrong as companies like Yepme, TataClick are already working in the same model. We are talking about offline shopping of products

The  problem and the solution

We are talking about the solution of worst possible online shopping problem. The problem is that in India, people like to see and feel things before they buy them. This is not a small issue, I as a shopper sometime hesitate before making any purchase online for products like clothing and apparels. However, if I can buy them under a banner of Flipkart while touching and getting a fell of it, it would be a go-go from my side. Therefore, the proper trap of Indian retail could be trapped in a proper way. The companies could assemble the power of both online and offline channels of sales.

Is it a contradiction of Ecommerce title?

No, anything which transact online is ecommerce. Haven’t we bought a Pizza Online? Aren’t there are outlets as well? The reason for this is simple; “serving the customer in a particular domain as the way they want it”. Flipkart and Snapdeal are likely to lead the whole scenario and will boast the concept.

Would there be any Deals & Offer?

Yes, infact more than now. The products under the brands like Flipkart & Snapdeal would be based on Market Basket Analysis and the deals and Offers would be based on that. Image source