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Best 6 Comedy Shows in India


There are many comedy shows over the years that ruled the television industry. In early days, we took TV way too seriously and maybe that’s why content, back then was well thought of and fulfilling.  Those days will bring the desi laughter whenever we have done from American sitcoms. Nowadays also, Indian comedy shows are growing faster and become above average on TV. 
Here we are giving you the 6 all-time best comedy shows in India. 

1. The Kapil Sharma Show


This is one of the best comedy shows in the world that we loved and still love it. The team of the show and Kapil Sharma bring amazing characters that are good and very hilarious. The on the spot jokes with an amazing sense of humour is best. 

Kapil Sharma is the main engine of the show, and the rest of the team is tyred like a car. Without the engine and tyres, they cannot run. The in-between adult jokes are also good and keep us entertaining.

It is the best current comedy show, and we salute Kapil Sharma and their team for outstanding performance every week that helps the people to laugh out loud. 

2. Tarak Metha K Oolta Chasma 


Tarak Mehta ka Ootla Chasma is a brilliant show in Indian television history as all the characters of this show are amazing and fit for it. Our families have watched this show every day mostly. It is one of the best comedy serials that touched too many families. 

Still, it is the best TV comedy show in which the entire family can watch this show, and it is the best stress reliever. One of the main characterJethalal acts is very much natural and good. We hope that we will see this comedy serial for more years. Tarak Metha K Oolta Chasma is one of the greatest shows that makes people laugh. 

3. Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai !


I love this show; it is the best comedy serial with so many amazing characters which brings so much comedy. It is also the most popular show in Indian Television History as no other show can match its popularity. It is the best show ever made. 

The famous dialogues of Angori bhabhi with Anita bhabhi are amazing, and the role of Tiwari and Bhibhuti was well played by the actors, or you can say they nailed it. The conversation between bhabhi and neighbour with good punch lines will bring the best from it. Every serial comes with a different scenario that always attracts the people.  It is one of the best comedy shows. 

4. Shrimaan Shrimati


This is a well known and most loved comedy show in the 90s. Now The Reema Lagoo might be known for Bollywood’s resident maa Ji, but earlier she gave us some cracking comedy performances. Many people loved this show, as it is the perfect combination of love for the neighbour.

Who can forget Prema Shalini,  the main characters are Keshav Kulkarni and his wife Kokila, and their neighbours Prema Shalini and her husband. The Prema Shalini who is more glamorous and sophisticated than his homemaker wife, Kokila. Dilruba is interested in Kokila who is more type than his film star wife. Both of them try to get closer to each other's wife that brings comical situations. 

5. May I Come in Madam 


It should be in the first position as it is one of the greatest of all time. We request to restart this show. It is the best comedy show on lifeOk at 9:30 pm. You can watch this show with your complete family and can enjoy it. 

In this show, a young man is dejected after being constantly henpecked by his wife. Now, he is smitten by his good looking boss and tries ways to seek her attention which brings lots of fun and comedy scenes. As per the sources, the season two of “May I Come in Madam” was planned before the lockdown, but the work slowed down due to the COVID19. 

We are eagerly waiting for the second season. 

6. F.I.R 

fir comdey

Kavita Kaushik is in the main lead as one of the Haryani Cop Chanramukhi Chautala, from SAB TV’s comedy Show FIR. It is one of the most loved Cop serials in TV’s Industry. Kavita Kaushik nailed the role of Haryanvi Cop with cracking jokes in between. 
This serial was loved by many families and cops also. As the show is closed, people still remember the Haryanvi cop. 
Now I can watch the repeated telecast on Disney Hotstar.

These are the 6 all-time best comedy shows in India with amazing content to bring happiness on the viewers face. Making someone laugh with a crackling comedy performance is not easy, but these shows are doing the same for many years. 
Most of the shows are based on the simple concept of love between the neighbour wife. These shows from Indian television have raised the bar in the last few years.