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Top 6 Hair Care Tips for this Rainy Season

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After the harsh summer, monsoon seems like a blessing. But it is not a good news for our hair as many people experience sudden or excess hair fall during this time. The high humidity, pollution and dirt all these lead to hair damage. To protect your hair this monsoon, follow these tips religiously. To protect your hair this monsoon, follow these hair care tips religiously.

Strictly Avoid the First Rain

hair care tips, hair tips

The first rain after summer is also called the acid rain and it can heavily damage your skin and hair. This rain consists the remnants of impurities that is lingering in the atmosphere.

Keep the Hair Dry

hair care tips, hair tips

It is common to get drenched in the rain but the long time contact of our hair with moisture weakens the hair roots also increase the chances of dandruff. So it is important that you keep your hair dry to avoid dullness and damage that it can go through.

Avoid Tying of Hair

hair care tips, hair tips

After you wash your hair in the monsoon it takes very long time to dry up, also it is not healthy to use a hair dryer very often. So some people just tie their hair whether it’s completely dry or not this again leads to weakening of hair strands and the head becomes a breeding ground for germs.

Wash your Hair with a Mild Shampoo

hair care tips, hair tips

You can increase the frequency of hair wash during monsoon season as the humidity in the weather would make your hair magnet for germs and dirt. If you get drenched in the rain then do wash your hair with a shampoo. Use only a mild shampoo and condition afterwards. You can find wide range of mild and naturals shampoos at Nykaa. Use Nykaa coupons to add additional discount on your every shopping.

Regular Use of Oil

hair care tips, hair tips

Hair tends to feel greasy and sticky during the monsoon season but it doesn’t give you an excuse to avoid oiling. Give your hair a good warm oil massage at least hour before washing. If you don’t massage your hair regularly during monsoon the hair roots will get weak and your hair will start falling. You can also use the blend of regular and essential oil.

Avoid Hair Dryers and Colouring

hair care tips, hair tips

When your hair gets drenched in the rain the using a hair dryer seems like an easy solution but it is an unhealthy choice for your hair. You can use paper towels or dry cotton towels to get the moisture out of your hair. Other than this avoid any kind of experimenting whether it is hair rebonding, smoothening, or hair colouring. As the chemicals used in such process can cause more complication to your hair.

Lastly, it is important that you eat healthy during this season and avoid street food. Maintain a proper diet this monsoon and it will reflect through your hair.