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These Nokia phone were much ahead of their time.

Nokia once was an undisputed king of the phone marker of India. The handsets by Nokia were not only trusted but were amazingly cool as well. Nokia made sure that the products suits each and every type of customer. Its understanding of the market segment was so amazing that it predictive the desire of a gamer and a music lover and made a handset as per as their need. Here is the list of the coolest Nokia handsets the generation has seen.

Nokia 3650:

The round keypad configuration was awesome and very creative.

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Nokia 6108:

Apple pen just came in, however, a decade ago this cool gadget was available where you can customize and write with your own hands using this pen.

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Nokia 3250 Express Music:

The ultimate mobile for the music lovers. Earlier, the love for Nokia 6600 was unbeatable, the toggle stick was introduced with the music oriented phone which gave a toggling experience of Nokia 6600 as well as the customizable music mode trhough a simple rotation of the keypad part of the phone.

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Nokia 6600:

The iPhone of its time, the most loved and desired handset for any one with a taste of luxury. This VGA camera integrated mobile broke the limitation of the elegancy in its segment.

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Nokia N Gage:

The mobile was for those who love to surf with both hands.

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Nokia N-gage QD:

Made for gamers, this mobile had its own place in the coolest gadgets list of the world.

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Nokia N93:

Amazing mobile for those who love to take a snap.

aVXmDvM_700b_v1 - Copy (8)

Nokia 7280:

In first look this mobile looked like an ordinary mobile but the mobile looked amazing (well a bit of absurd with too much buttons) when you open it up completely.

aVXmDvM_700b_v1 - Copy (9)

Nokia 7070 prism:

For those who love shine and glamour.

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Nokia 7280:

This mobile, well, looks like a sort of Zedi sword. It is very hard to contemplate the exact type of customers it was trying to target but it was pretty amazing for sure.

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Nokia 7600:

It looked like a leaf with buttons on it. It had its own following and was in heavy demand.

aVXmDvM_700b_v1 - Copy

Nokia 9500:

The blackberry of its time. This mobile was loved by businessman who loved to ‘keep it simple’ yet efficient.