Remote Working Guide For Employers

Remote working guide for employers

The year is 2022, and the challenges or obstacles that we currently face revolve around adjusting to a hybrid system of the online and offline world. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic making us move to a more digital approach to life. Hence, we would require a guideline that revolves around the context of a remote working guide for employers so that the decisions made in the workplace could be mutually beneficial for all parties concerned.

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Most Common Challenges Faced During Remote Working

Lack of supervision 

Due to remote working, the interaction between employees and managers has immensely reduced. The employer worries dues to lack of supervision, the employees will not work as hard and efficiently as in an office. Some employees might also face communication problems because they might not be able to communicate with their manager on time. 

Social isolation 

One of the biggest complaints of the remote worker that they couldn't interact with their colleagues and felt lonely. Isolation, on the other hand, can make any employee feel less "belonging" to their business over time and might even lead to a greater desire to quit the firm.

Distraction at home 

While working at home, there are many distractions, for instance, the kids, and this could lead to a lack of motivation for work. Even in normal conditions, family and home obligations can interfere with remote work; managers should anticipate that these distractions will be amplified during an unforeseen work-from-home shift.

How to Prepare Your Team for Remote Work? 

For remote working, certain changes must be done to ensure that productivity is not compromised and all the responsibility falls onto the manager's shoulder. For ensuring it, the manager has to make strategic as well as personal changes. 

Strategic Change 

For a long time, the manager measures the efficiency of work done by the number of hours worked by the employee; however, it cannot be efficient when the work is shifted to remote. For that manager needs to appoint the task to the employee and demand it to be ended within 24 hours window. This could be of great advantage to the employee, too, since they could get their task done with comfort, and the result will likely be better. 

Structured check inn 

For better communication and to reduce lack of communication, one of the many things that a manager can do is to arrange a call for the whole team at least thrice a day. In this way, you can check on the progress of the task given to an employee as well and can interact with them more. 

Introduced another communication method 

Many companies don't offer their employees many ways of communication. Like for instance, emailing is not alone enough to share information. Therefore, a video call should be preferred as more information will be shared, and it will create a professional working environment too. Moreover, nowadays, video conferring is a lot easier since many applications are available, like Zoom and teams.

Opportunity for remote social interaction 

One of the best things a manager can do is to create an opportunity for employees to hang out remotely. It is beneficial for all workers, but extroverts can take great advantage of this. One of the simplest ways to interact with employees informally is to leave the last few minutes of zoom calls to catch up with the life of employees. There are other options, too, like virtual pizza parties. 


Due to this Covid pandemic, the work trend has greatly shifted to being remote, and yes, it could be a difficult task for many of us. However, if proper measures are taken, then the remote can prove to be better than non-remote jobs.