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Xiaomi Mi Band, priced at Rs.999, is set to go on sale at 2:00 p.m. today.

Xiaomi is set to sell its amazing Mi Band at just Rs.999 today. lets have a look to explore what it holds. 


Keep a track on your daily fitness factors


Always Stay connected with you health


Achieve your targets with it!


It won't let you lose time. Just use alarm and feel the vibration at your arm to gently wake you up.



Keep your Records ready with you. Share them with friends and more.


No password for you. You are the owner of this incredible deice and hence Xiaomi has made it easily accessible for you. 


It is 'THE' top notch product at a very low price.






This product has given an impeccable impression over its users. The band is amazing and worth every penny spent. This is a go grab accessory. So hurry up and buy it now. 

Buy now, Click HERE

redmi 2

Xiaomi Redmi 1s goes ‘Half-the-stock’ before even going to sale on Jan 6..

redmi 2

Xiaomi on Tuesday announced that only 20,000 units (instead of 40,000), could be made available for the sale due to some 'unprecedented logistics delay'. Redmi 1S sale was about to begin at 5:00P.M on 6th Jan through Flipkart when nearly at 3:57 PM Xiaomi India announced the news of delay.


The reasons which were stated on twitter were logistics delay apparently from the shipping side of the handsets. This they also announced on their Facebook page. 

Have a look at their Facebook update in below picture. 

facebook sorry

Apologies is an act of respect and it is appreciable (Read "The apology from Flipkart regarding “Big Billion Sale”, a brave step by Mr. Sanjay & Binny Bansal") but in this case the problem is that the company only had 20,000 units against 5,00,000 registrations which Redmi Note 4G and Redmi 1S received (confirmed by Mr. Manu Jain, Head of Xiaomi India) for the sale. The question is still the same, what is the use of accepting unlimited registrations when the demand cannot be fulfilled (in this case supply was cut down directly to half). 

Their was one more interesting fact pertaining to the social updates of Xiaomi on Facebook. The comments made are basically for the sale and purchase of Redmi which indicates that there are a few people who are getting Redmi but don't need it, instead they are selling it at a better price, hence making a bit of profit.

Redmi is in fact a brilliant smartphone which gives excellent value for money but for any company, losing hundreds of thousands of interested buyers is not a good sign to stand in market for a longer run. 

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Xiaomi Redmi Note sold in yet another Flipkart flash sale, 50,000 units vanished in just 6 seconds


Redmi Note, one of the most awaited phablet of the year was launched in India yesterday and was up for sale for its registered users. Problems again prevailed as 3,00,000 people had to suppress their will of getting a Redmi Note even after sticking to their screens for an hour as instructed by Flipkart.



Flash sale is now becoming an headache for registered users who use to wait anxiously weeks just to grab this so called value-for-money device. 50,000 units were up for grabs and up to 350,000 registrations were made to grab a mere 50,000 units. This provides a 7 to 1 ratio as a probability to grab the handset.

As expected there was outrage in public and it was reflected on social media platforms. 



Anyways, registrations have started again for sale on 9th December. So we suggest you to read these tricks first "Tricks to get a Xiaomi in a flash sale" before participating in the first sale. And for Xiaomi India, we appreciate your disclosure on the number of units you are putting for the flash sale, but in accordance to the Indian customers, flash sales only produces the bad word of mouth. Hence it would be much clearer that you should make it on 'First come First serve' basis. 

Stay Sharp & Shop Smart with FreeKaaMaal

Redmi Note

50,000 units of Xiaomi Redmi Note, priced at Rs 8,999 only, are on for its first Flipkart flash sale on December 2

Redmi Note

Xiaomi India has been a blast, a new heat wave amongst all the smartphone lovers. Xiaomi redifined the concept of features and price by providing brilliant features for a lowest price possible.

Now with the release of Xiaomi handset range, the concept has took rebirth as a large range of awesome features can be packed in a glass of small price. Now just after a few days of release of iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3, Xiaomi will be erupting its new range of Phablet series, Redmi Note on December 2 on Flipkart at 02:00 P.M.

Read tips to make this Redmi Note yours : "How to grab a Xiaomi in flash flipkart sale of Xiaomi"

This time the situation has even got better as the Note will be in a huge quantity i.e. 50,000 units. 

Redmi note wale

Point to be noted smart shoppers, the 50,000 units are actually 10,000 units more than the Redmi 1S first flash sale. You have to be registered in order to be the one to grab the fabulous phablet. There is also something for first five thousand Flipkart First subscribers who register for the sale, they will get the Redmi Note added to their cart automatically (as per the company) which would enable them to purchase the Brand new Redmi Note on December 1 (one day prior to the flash sale) at 6:00PM. 

the Redmi Note flaunts . It is powered by a processor paired with 2GB of RAM. The phablet features a , and  battery. Connectivity options include , and on the software front wrapped under MIUI version 5.

Lets Have a look on what it holds:

Company Xiaomi
Model Redmi Note
Display 5.5-inch HD (1280×720 pixels) IPS display, 267ppi, Gorilla Glass 3
Camera 13MP rear camera, 5MP front
  RAM   2GB
                  Processor                   Runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean O.S. with1.7GHz Mediatek MT6592
Storage  8GB internal storage
Battery  3,100mAh
Other Features  dual-SIM card slots, 3G support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Price Rs 8,999

So if you are looking for a good phablet in a better price range, we suggest you should go for it.

Register Here now to get your own Redmi Note. 

Screenshot from 2014-09-23 17:55:45

60,000 Redmi 1S goes out of stock within seconds, again!!!

It has been a series of flash sales the company Xiaomi is experiencing through the online retailer flipkart. The handset Redmi 1s which was set to lunch today at nearly 2:00p.m is OUT OF STOCK.

Xiaomi India’s head Manu Kumar Jain twitted about it as


All it took was merely 5.2 seconds, nearly over 350,000 registered users were sitting in front of their computer screen, but only a lucky few got it in their cart.

Screenshot from 2014-09-23 17:55:45

Till now Xiaomi has sold 1,80,000 units of Redmi 1S. Even if you got a Redmi for yourself you should have completed your order till 6:00 p.m today. Next lot of the smartphone will go on sale on september 30.

So hurry up and you can register by clicking here


Screenshot from 2014-09-22 15:06:46

Xiaomi Redmi 1S on sale tomorrow. Register today to get one of 60,000 Redmi 1S !!!!!!

It has been a controversy for a long time that despite of a longing demands in India Xiaomi has not been manufacturing the required amount of handsets to be available for sale. Well this time it is different.
Xiaomi has put up their largely craved Redmi 1S on sale with 60,000 units to be sold on 23rd September, 2014 and nonetheless through flipkart.com only.


image courtesy : androidadvices.com

How to purchase

The registrations has been started and today is in fact the last day to register for the brand new Xiaomi Redmi 1S. So, in order to book yourself a redmi, first register on flipkart.com and to register click here. Click here and grab the amazing product.

But wait there is more than just registering for it. you have to make sure that you are ready to put the Redmi in cart in order to pay for it. Earlier we have disclosed the secret or simple steps to book yourself a Redmi 1S. You can also follow these methods to get your hands on Redmi 1S tomorrow.

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Xiaomi Phone Buying Guide

How to Order Xiaomi Phone in Just 2 Seconds from Flipkart [Trick Revealed]

Xiaomi Phone Buying Guide

During last months Xiaomi has come up as a player in smartphone market in India, very low prices with amazing features is the specialty of this company. The company has launched it two models, Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi 1s and both have been a great success. The unbelievable low prices and stupefying features has bought the company at a level where it cannot meet the demand.  The Xiamo products gets sold out in matter of just few seconds, last Redmi 1S flash sale went only for 4.2 seconds and all 40,000 products got sold out. Today, in this blog post of FreeKaaMaal, we will reveal few secret tips through which you can also grab Redmi 1s in 2 Seconds . Lets get started…

Process of  Ordering Xiaomi Phone from Flipkart:

First thing first, those who are new to the concept of Flash Sale and haven’t participate in any of the past Xiaomi Flash Sale, Here are the few steps that you need to do before the sale gets started:

  1. Login at Flipkart.com,
  2. Now visit Mi Store and register yourself for next sale day
  3. Note, the above 2 steps are mandatory otherwise you won’t be able to participate in next flash sale
  4. Once done, come back atleast 5 min before the time of Flash Sale and wait for “Coundown Timer” to hit Zero,
  5. Now Instantly click on “Add to Cart” Button and if you are successful,  Product will added to your cart and you’ll get sufficient time to make the payment later

Tips and Tricks to Xiaomi Redis 1S Phone from Fipkart.com

Be a Smart Shopper and Follow our simple 5 Step Trick and order Xiaomi Phone in just 2 Seconds

Here are the few things that you need to do first:

  • Make sure you are using a desktop or laptop and don’t try to participate in Xiaomi Sale from your smartphone or Flipkart Mobile App
  • Use high speed internet connection
  • Close other unnecessary tabs,This is very important, do not open any other tab like gmail, youtube or anything else on your browser as it can eat up a portion of you net speed.

Now it’s time to reveal our trick which will make sure you get your hand on Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi Sale Page


STEP1:  2-3 Hours before the sale Starts:

Open all browsers that are available on your system Internet Explorer, Chrome,Safari,Firefox,Opera etc, incase you have only one browser, go ahead and install few from this list

STEP2- One Hour before the sale starts:

Now open http://flipkart.com/mi and Login to your Flipkart Account in all browser,

STEP3- Five Minutes before the sale:

Refresh Mi3 Sale page in all browser, 2-3 minutes before the sale starts, Kindly do this as it is very important. When the timer reaches 15 seconds stop refreshing and be ready.

STEP4- One Second before the Sale Starts:

Keep your mouse Cursor Near the Countdown and as soon as the countdown hits ZERO, Click on Buy Button, Go to all browsers and hit buy button in every browser ( Don’t worry you won’t be charge more than once)

STEP5 (Optional): Automatic Tool to add Xiaomi phone to the cart:

This step is little more technical and if you are not comfortable in installing a software and then it better you to avoid tht, but for all the geeky fans who don’t want to miss this next opportunity, here is a tool which they can use to add product to the cart. The tool name is Multiple Mouse Clicker

This is a tool which will click on various points on your screen with the delay you want and times you want to the button to get clicked. Download and install this forward from here, You can read more about how to use Multiple mouse clicker here

Try these tips and If everything goes as planned, you will have Xiaomi Phone in your cart.

These methods are actually drawn out through the suggestions of those who have got a Xiaomi every time it went on sale. These methods are in fact followed by working professionals of freekaamaal.com who got Redmi 1s and the suggestions are drawn out on the basis of their real time experience. You can follow these methods to get a hand on the Xiaomi Redmi 1s which will be on sale tomorrow, however, these methods only provides you a very high probability of acquiring the smartphone but we cannot guarantee it. After all, luck is something we can’t deny.




Xiaomi Redmi 1S 38,000 units got sold out in 4.2 seconds

Here we go with another flash sale from Xiaomi. Hugo Barra, vice president of international operations confirmed that the sixth flash sale was over in 4.2 seconds. Today, Xiaomi Redmi 1S was set to be out in market through Flipkart.com, but as we have already witnessed a gap in demand and supply by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, this time too Xiaomi’s incapability to fulfill the need of market has set off many people.


image courtesy:igadgetsworld.com

This time out of 40,000 Xiaomi Redmi 1S units that was available for sale on 2nd September, 2000 were exclusive to Flipkart First subscribers yesterday whereas remaining 38000 units were available today for sale. Many have opted to “Flipkart first Subscriber” service just to be lucky but unfortunately they also had to go empty handed.  So in short, investing Rs.500 and becoming a Flipkart first subscriber is not a sure shot of getting your hands on Redmi 1s, also those who are thinking that ordering from Flipkart Mobile App is a good idea, I am sorry…don’t ever try this. The only way to get Xiami phone on 9th Sep is user high speed connection,login into your Flipkart Account atleast 1 hour before and click on “Buy” Button the moment time is out.

With features like 4.7-inch HD 720p display, 1.6GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8-megapixel rear camera, 1.6-megapixel front-facing camera, 8GB internal storage, microSD card slot and a 2,000mAh battery in only at Rs 5,999 only. This smartphone was really a celebrity for which 250,000 users had registered for the sale but only 40,000 were able to get their hands on it. Along with the handset, Xiaomi is also giving out a complimentary screen protector and a SIM card adapter with today’s units. The devices are expected to be shipped to the buyers within seven days. Well, people are really attracted towards the brilliant offerings Xiaomi have for people but the inability to supply 84% of interested customers who have a capability to pay is in real business sense a big amount of revenue loss, profit loss, reputation loss and market share loss. The gap in supply and demand could become a bad mark on brand image forever. Mr. Hugo may enjoy this as a small term success but in the long term the company could face lack of faith of people in it. Here is what people on Twitter are saying:

Anyways, registrations are again starting today at 6 p.m for 9th September sale. Lets see how many would get lucky this time.

Click here to register yourself for Xiamo Redis 1S sale