Paytm acquires Shifu to predict user behaviour

Paytm is doing wonders, not only this it is aquireing the companies or technologies which can do so for it. In the series of its past acquisitions it has attached yet another name this time with itself. The m-commerce company has acquired Shifu, a context-aware personal assisting mobile application.

shifu paytm

The move is to understand and predict the basic preferences of a user calculated on the past behaviour. More like remarketing process of Google, Paytm may use this application to show customers what they want most while showing the best probable saleable items to the customer. The app is created by ‘The Signals’ have some really benevolent features for users. Some of them are – call forecasting based on location, automated cloud synchronization, battery alert and more.

Kiran Vasireddy, Senior Vice President, Paytm said :

“Shifu has been quite popular as an intelligent task-managing application. By integrating their technology & behavioural modelling with Paytm app, we will be able to offer a highly intuitive and personalized experience to our users,”

Like English, advertisement is done best if targeted well. It is all about the most appropriate suggestions to the customers. While other competitors like Flipkart are using features like Flipkart App chat, it was Paytm’s turn to take a step which could further the postion of its stronghold on the Indian market. The company, in control of Mr. Shekhar (not me :D ), is doing an excellent job in expanding the horizons to various dimensions using the resources it can possibly do.