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Newborn Photography Poses To Delight New Parents


It is essential to have a complete sense of responsibility and specialization when doing newborn photography. Photographers and new parents often face difficulty placing babies for photography poses. Because the baby does not understand what you want them to do. It is only photographers and parents who decide the poses. So it is the responsibility to conduct a photo session keeping proper safety.

Newborn photography gives delightful experiences to new parents. This photography aims to capture the cuteness and innocence of a baby in their first professional photography.

In this article, I will share the five best newborn poses ensuring the safety and comfort of a child. Scroll down further to know more about them.

5 Newborn Photography Poses

1. Frog Pose 

Newborn Poses Guaranteed To Delight New Parents

Newborn Frog Pose is the classic and evergreen pose. This pose highlights the flexibility and features of the newborn. 

This pose places the legs of the baby by his side, hands placed under, and cupping the chin.

However, it is important to get these poses shot under the supervision of a professional newborn photographer. Since the safety of the baby is always paramount. 

So get this right by looking at the image below and enjoy newborn photography.

2. Wrapped Pose


Babies are always a bliss of joy and happiness. This pose will make every parent become very emotional and thoughtful of memories before a child took birth. 

All you need to do is to wrap the baby snugly on a soft blanket or a flokati rug. 

Both of the poses give different textures and feel. If you wish, you can consider them as two poses. 

It will also depend on the comfort of the child and parents where they want the hands of the baby – In or Out. 

However, the more important thing is to do what feels natural and safer for your baby. 

3. Taco Pose 


This newborn pose is considered a very comfortable pose and is known as “Womb Pose”. This pose will ensure to showcase the cuteness and facial expression of the baby with little hands and feet.

Taco Pose is relatively safer – you still need to be careful while making the baby ready for the pose. Look at the image to get more clarity about the pose.

4. Newborn Poses By Putting Chin On their Hands 


It is normal to see babies sleeping in different styles and poses. Photography is required to capture those moments that make parents proud and happy. 

Make sure that there is somebody sitting next to the baby to take care of him/her. You also need to ensure that baby is calm and comfortable.

5. Newborn Poses with the Parents and Sibling

Behind the Scenes with a DIY Newborn Photographer

To get this pose, either lie down next to the kid or put him or her on your arm.  

For siblings, the best pose is to lie next to the baby. But for elders/ parents, it is to hold the child in the arm.

For the best photo, the baby should be supported by two adult hands and cuddled against a parent’s chest. 

Posing Guide while Taking Pictures 


There are a few things that you should keep in mind before making your child ready for poses. Here are the crucial things to ensure the safety and comfort of your child.

Know about How To Pose the Newborn - It is very important to understand the goal of newborn photography. It is to ensure the innocence and cuteness of a child. So decide the pose that you like and think if it is suitable for your child or not.

Know About The Safety And Comfort Of Your Child - It is not required to say that it is the safety of your child that is paramount. It is clearly understood. However, I mean having the right room temperature and the environment when I say about safety. 

So, here we have given you 5 newborn poses. All these poses are easy to do. However, they require the expert’s supervision. The selection of the poses is to showcase the innocence and cuteness of the newborn. To practise, always use a teddy bear to see how will it look. It will be safe and best of ensuring the safety and comfort of your child because it is the comfort of the child that matters the most.