Medium Length Hairstyles to Give You an Instant Transformation



Medium length hairstyles are no doubt one of universal haircuts when it comes to thin hair. Besides, you can style a variety of styles even with thick hair. These haircuts are very versatile, including free cuts such as bobs and some updos with braids, ponytails, and twists.

If you are not well acquainted on how to style fine hair, go for bob styles that appear excellent straight with teased roots or curly. Having boosted and messy texture saves you a lot of time especially if you are constantly on the go. Here we have some of the chic styles you can choose for medium length hairstyles.


1. Casual Braided Pompadour

Sometimes a cut isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for a beautiful hair-rather, you can improvise creative ways to style your tresses. For women with fine hair, braided pompadour has proven to be quite useful. The French braids inspire this look. The braids are only styled on the top leaving the rest of the hair to rest freely in order to add volume.

2. Layering with A Headband Twist.

This stunning medium length hairstyle is styled on the basis of layered bob. And adding something as subtle as headband twist can take this style to a completely new level by adding a decorative aspect. The band twist also holds your lose hair in place preventing it from falling on your forehead. This creates an eye-appealing look for women with thin hair.

3. A flip of Blonde.

This champagne blonde locks are a romantic and flattering alternative to the usual blonde shades. If you need medium length hairstyles for fine or thin hair, bear in your mind that the colour you choose can make or break your style. So, it is crucial to be picky on the colour you select.


4. Honey Blonde Medium Length Bob.

Cheek length lobs are effortless and straightforward medium length hairstyles for ladies with thin hair. The lengths are trimmed with the equal length to cut on the morning styling craze and give you an on-trend look.

5. White Medium Hairstyle and Swoopy Layers.

Including swoopy layers on mid-length hairstyles is a great way to add some volume and dimension on your thin hair. The swoopy layers, being delicate, bring a lot of dynamics to this style which is much needed when choosing the right colour to use. However, white has always been a standard colour for most styles. Visit

6. Brown Bob and Lightly Layered Tips

The key to styling thin hair is avoiding the use of heavy layers or many cuts. That usually overpowers the hair which is not what you want to achieve. Subtle layers combined with light colouring are stunning for this refined and polished hair type, and they are quite essential for thinner locks.

7. Messy Blonde Bob and Layers.

Messy medium length hairstyles for fine hair are some of the advantageous hairdos. They are great especially on naturally straight thin locks since they boost the volume and texture. To achieve this look, curl your locks loose, tease them and then set the style with spray. If you have a tight schedule and you want to save time, you can opt for volumizing products on wet hair. This gives messy hair instantly without undergoing through many processes.

8. Medium Hairdo with Wispy Ends and Bangs

The technique of feathering is magical on thin hair. Using this technique, you get a fuzzy look when you use razors than shears. You gain extra texture on your hair. The added texture boosts fullness of your hair. Finish this look with stunning bangs, and you will achieve beautiful medium hairstyle for your straight hair.

9. Textured Thin Hair

Messy medium length hairstyles for fine or thin hair are the talk of the town right now, so what is holding you back to give a shot this blonde bob? The hairdo features volumized crown and piecey layers that reveal every remarkable aspect of the entire style. The shiny blonde balayage highlights will make you noticed everywhere you go.