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How to get rid of chapped lips

Something are frustrating, some are irritating, some are painful and some are bad looking. Mixture of all of these traits is known as chapped lips during winter season. The fact that winter brings Christmas, snow, dry skin and chapped lips are undeniable. Here is the list of to-do and not-to-do in order to get rid of chapped lips.

Avoid driving without covering your mouth:

Chapped Lips

If you drive a motorbike then you have to make sure that your lips are covered every-time while driving. Cold winds are the primary reason of chapped lips. You can apply some lip balm before stepping on your cc horse.

Apply coconut oil:

Chapped Lips

Apply coconut oil before laying down in bed, this would ensure a moisturised and nourished lips when you wake up. Coconut oil not 0nly protect your lips but also repair damages caused by chapping.

Drink a LOT of water:

Chapped Lips

One of the major reason of having chapped lips is due to the fact tat we do not drink enough water in winters. It is very ‘important’ to remain hydrated for the well-being of our body however it is crucial for lips health. Drink atleast 8-10 glass of water.

Eat healthy:

Chapped Lips

By healthy, I mean not only vegetables but fruits as well. Too much spicy food works as an irritant to the damaged lips skin and hence should be avoided.

Use Lip Balm:

Chapped Lips

Everytime you step out, use a lip balm to calm down the drying of the lips. Weather is the key driving force behind most of the temporary skin issues.

DO NOT lick your lips:

Chapped Lips

Never lick your lips. It may feel like moisturising but in reality your saliva further dry your lips. “lip-licker’s dermatitis” is frequently seen in people who lick their lips too much, and can cause an itchy rash around the mouth.

It is highly recommended by physicians to use petroleum jelly to protect lips from harsh weather.

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