Have a look at the 3D Pictures of World War I proving that 3D Cameras were present Since 1880s

Chris Hughes, film enthusiast and owner and founder of ‘A Nerd’s World’, was visiting an estate while on a trip to the Niagara Falls, when he stumbled across a rs – which was previously owned by the French army. The camera was in top shape and included the original leather case and the glass slides. It was owned by an elderly man, who was clearing out his camera collection while preparing for retirement.

A film enthusiast, Mr. Chris Hughes found a are Jules Richard Verascope stereo camera – one of the first stereoscopic cameras, developed in the late 1880 with an elderly man. He bought the camera and while observing it he found something which shook his entire concept about modern technology of 3D pictures and the cameras associated. The pics were in 3D format and were clearly an example of technological advancement cameras had around a centurey ago.

Here are some pics:

giphy (1)

giphy (2)

giphy (4)
giphy (3) giphy (5) giphy

This was the camera which had these images with it.

Not only this, each slides were impaled withthe dates and locations where the pictures were taken, along with noted by the photographer.

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