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The latest feature of Whatsapp is not so latest in comparison to Hike messenger, have a look

Whatsapp, everyone have it, everyone own it. The Facebook owned whatsapp has been upgraded to a more user friendly version. Check out the latest update it holds.

A blue twin-tick, which means that the text has been delivered & read. Earlier it was assumed that if there is a double tick then the message should have been read. But with this update, you will be sure whether it has been read or not.


Apart from this, whatsapp has further announced that it will not charge Indian users. Whatsapp generally charges an amount of $1 every year to its users. Well in such case, we Indians are the beneficiaries.

But suddenly I got a click in my head about an ad of Hike messenger I saw a few months back. The feature has already been introduced in Indian mobile messenger.

Here have a look


Sounds strange? So basically Whatsapp has introduced what has already been introduced in an existing mobile messaging service of an Indian messenger. Well, for those who already have whatsapp, its time to feel more comfortable because of it.