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GOSF has started.. and it has started with a bang..see why freekaamaal.com is the best option to shop for gosf.in

GOSF has started and we at FreeKaaMaal.com already are working day and night just to put on the best deals available for you on our GOSF page.

Before starting about what we offer I seriously like to admit that while researching about it, me & my collegues already have ordered a pizza, a tool kit, a trimmer and a sweatshirt. The Rs 299 store is the culprit. angry

Anyways, lets see why FreeKaaMaal is the best destination for online shoppers. 

#1 We know our shoppers



Would you love to buy a half sleeves tshirt during this winter? We understand our shoppers and hence placed those items which are very much in demand these days.

#2 We have made it simple to use



Okay, you wish to have a smartphone, no worry just come on our site and click mobile icon and each and every brilliant deal from every retailer present on Gosf will be in front of you. No need to shuffle among retailers and get confused. Its plain, simple & in front of you. 

#3 We know who is best


We have analyzed on the basis of priority and preference and hence placed 12 best stores which will be the black horse of the discount race in GOSF 2014.


#4 GOSF is by Google, we are google of GOSF

google gosf

Internet has every thing, and you search for best among them on Google. In the same way, GOSF has every thing but FreeKaaMaal put best of them in front of you. 


#5 Gosf is about 5 categories, We are about 9


We are having 9 major categories which are the compilation of the most sought after products. They are, fashion, kitchen, Decor, Mobile, Electronics, Travel, Food, Computer and 'Freebies' (the best among all).


#6 Smooth Shopping with FreeKaaMaal


Despite of having all time high traffic on our page, we have dedicated our day and night to provide you a glitch free shopping experience. We have tried to make GOSF further user compatible on our page.


#7 Freebie – The alfa of all categories in online shopping


We have a dedicated section known as 'Freebies'. And as we say "why waste money when you can get things for free".