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The two faces of a dragon; android lollipop vs android kitkat

android looking back


There are various smartphones pouring into market and all of them are boasting on their looks and features. One of the most important features among them is the operating system they are using. A few of smartphones are coming up with Android KitKat and a few with Android lolipop. Lets have a look at the basic difference between them.


Android KitKat

Android Lolipop

User Experience

      Basic, Simple UI, Rigid in use     

more tactile surfaces, bold graphic design and fluid motion

default runtime engine 


(Up to four times better)

Gaming Experience


Brilliant. At par with gaming console


Consumes more

Less consuming, upto 90 minutes extra with Lolipop surprise

OK Google

Works fine

Works even when screen is off.

Works awesome, better response.


Anyways its more about purpose over features. So if you are looking forward for a brilliant texture in the screen and use your handset for a good experience then the Android Lollipop is for you.
If you are being provided with better RAM, storage, battery, and other features then you can compromise with Android Kitkat.

More or less, newer is better. 


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