Flipkart Looted again

flipkart scam delivery boy

Flipkart seems to be the first hand victim of the loopholes, tricks and forgery of Indian ecommerce robbers. From exchanging original parts with the fake ones to iPhone forgery, most of them falls with Flipkart first. The awesome customer support procedures of the company do not trouble the customers with a lot of questions while returning or refunding and thus creating a window of opportunity for the scam artist to loot Flipkart.

What is the case this time?

This time one of the delivery boys of Flipkart was found to be stealing iPhones in a deceitful manner while exploiting the refund and return options which company provides on its orders. The delivery boy of Flipkart was exchanging the iPhones which he was supposed to deliver. The case happened in Chennai and the fraud is caused by B.Naveen, 21 yrs. The total exchanged iPhones were 12 estimated of Rs.5 lakh.

How did he made the Loot ?

Naveen was placed in a Chennai based management firm as a trainee. He left and joined Flipkart as a delivery boy. He started working at a warehouse in North of Chennai and continued to work there for six months. After working for sometime, he discovered an exploitable loophole and made his first attempt. He ordered a new iPhone from a fake number and a fake address. Since he was the delivery boy for that area, he delivered his own order (to himself) and replace it with a fake iPhone. After which he use to cancel his own order and returns it to the warehouse saying that the customer returned it due to some issue. The iPhone would then be provided back to warehouse and the cheat cycle was completed. This he kept on doing for 11 more times while obtaining fake iPhones from Ritchie Street, Chennai.

How did he got caught?

flipkart scam delivery boy

Flipkart saw a discrepancy in the return frequency of iPhones from a particular Chennai area (Washermenpet). Thus, they figured out something fishy about it and started an internal investigation. After warehouse owner Vetriselvam lodged a complaint at the Madhavram police station, Naveen was interrogated, and he confessed his crime. The case grew stronger after it was found that Naveen was responsible for deliveries in the Washermenpet area which led to an inquiry and following it the disclosure of the whole fraud.

Why did he do this?

Naveen is a Bcom pass 21 year old guy. The age to mould oneself into gold digging machine of future. But why did he made the crime at such an age? The reason is the lavish lifestyle he got into since young age which led him to a heavy debt from friends and family. Probably to get himself out of this, he did the deed with Flipkart.

According to officials :

“First, he ordered one phone using a fake address and replaced it with a phone, a china model he bought from Ritchie street and sent it back to the warehouse saying that it was returned by customer. As he didn’t get caught, he followed it up twice by ordering in bulk,”

Police has recovered all the 12 iPhones from his possession.

with input from Track.in