Flipkart hiring senior executives from Amazon, Google & Microsoft

The battle of ecommerce giants is getting more fierce. The grounds of battle has moved from customer acquisition to resource acquisition for a smooth flow of the established system and the implementation of new innovative initiatives. Following the latest established trend of capturing the best minds of market, Flipkart lately announced the hiring senior executives from Amazon, Google & Microsoft.

According to an official statement:


Dan Rawson from Amazon has joined as head of customer logistics and supply chain ecosystems, Ravi Byakod from Google as director of engineering and Anand Lakshminarayana from Microsoft as head of product management for digital goods and services,”According to Flipkart, Mr. Rawson will oversee the customer delivery solutions, which is the prime factor for an ecommerce company, to a customer, after sales.

Mr. Rawson is pegged with high hopes due to his experience as a general manager of fulfilment, Amazon’s Seattle office. Therefore he is expected to influence the efficiency and effectiveness of the fulfilment system of Flipkart. Rawson is also a former US marine and a person with experience in Dell prior to Amazon. According to Punit Soni, Chief Product Officer of Flipkart, “Rawson has proven leadership skills in an array of situations. His operational expertise and passion for tackling challenges will be an asset for us,” .

To handle and enlight the way of the digital products, Flipkart has hired Mr. Lakshmnarayanan. Mr. Lakshmnarayanan have an amazing experience of working in Microsoft India’s development centre in Hyderabad alongside his six US patents. He holds his MS degrees in computer science and engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Washington. Speaking about him, Mr. Soni commented : ”Lakshmnarayanan, who worked at Microsoft India’s development centre in Hyderabad, will lead expansion of our digital product offerings,”.

Big Billion Day was a big blow to Flipkart, it reflected the deficiency and lack in the technological section of Flipkart. Since then Flipkart has kept a strong eye on making it system much efficient and better with every passing day. To handle a large number of visitors Flipkart needed a guy with an experience in the same type of field and what could’ve been better than a Head of engineering for technology and solutions team from Google itself. Mr. Byakod, the current director of Engineering, Flipkart is basically an expert in developing data warehouses, customer relationship management programmes and partner engineering solutions. Check out the computer admin website.
Praising Mr. Byakod’s excellence, Peeyush Ranjan, Flipkart chief technology officer said : ”Byakod’s background in building large-scale distributed sy stems at Google will enable us to develop a flexible accounting platform on new architecture at scale,”.

The ecommerce companies seek out for the best talent present in the world to achieve the goal of being the best in the e-retail space of multi-billion dollar worth.

Best of Luck Flipkart..!