Five Top Courses for Students For Free

Thanks to the free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), today anyone, anywhere in the world can study at the most prestigious and expensive universities on the planet without facing any troubles. All you need is good access to the Internet and a great desire to study. You can combine your online-studying with part-time jobs at some writing service or as a barista.  Of course, you won’t get a degree once you have completed the free course, but this type of education has a wide range of advantages. First of all, you will get quality knowledge from a really awesome institution. Second of all, you will personally get acquainted with the academic culture of the university of your dreams. And thirdly, it is an incredible chance to try various fields of study and get to know what fits you better for free. Who knows, maybe after finishing a language course, you will discover hidden talents for literature? Or perhaps you can become  So, what courses can you attend for free at the best universities in the world? 1

Australian National University

The Australian National University is one of the top-30 institutions of higher education in the world and is the leading institution in Australia and Oceania. The university started working with edX a few years ago, and today, anyone can take courses at this prestigious institution for free. In particular, the Australian National University offers free classes in management, project management, marketing, business communications, astrophysics, and other disciplines.

Stanford University

The world-renowned Stanford University aims to provide access to quality education to as many people as possible worldwide. That’s why the university has created the Stanford Online platform. Its base offers more than 160 online courses. According to the university, Stanford Online Courses are popular among students around the world, primarily among users from Europe, Asia, and Russia. In addition to free online courses, the training platform also offers degree and certificate programs to students. You can study in such areas as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, ecology, cybersecurity, business and management, biomedicine, chemical engineering, computer science, software development, and others.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the most prestigious and expensive educational institutions in Great Britain. In addition, the university is rapidly developing free online education based on ImperialX, which allows anyone to get acquainted with the university teaching materials and obtain the best knowledge in various fields. At the moment, you can take free university courses in ecology and renewable energy, mathematics, finance, big data analysis, and so on. Imperial College London also offers an A-levels maths course and an MBA course in an online format.

Harvard University

According to QS World University Rankings 2019, Harvard University, together with MIT and Stanford Universities, forms the top-three universities not only in America but around the world. As one of the most prestigious educational institutions, Harvard is also one of the leading providers of free online education. The full list of free and paid online courses of the university is available on its website. Here you can find full free courses in arts and design, business, humanities, programming, computer science, medicine, social, and natural sciences. Free Harvard courses are also available on the popular edX educational platform. This resource offers courses ranging from world literature masterpieces and the XX century opera history courses to Python and JavaScript programming languages, Chinese history courses, and the formation of Buddhism.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Asian education is becoming more prestigious and of higher quality every year. Some experts estimate that in the near future, it will not only catch up with European and American educations in terms of popularity and quality but even outpace them. Besides, Asian universities are already becoming more and more visible in the arena of MOOC education. Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of the leaders in Asian free online education. The university offers its users all over the world free English courses in such fields as business, management, big data, English, anatomy, hospitality, tourism, marketing, and others.