Bangalore Petrol Pump Offers Free Meal to the Customers

Petrol Pump The traffic on the Bengaluru roads is a hurdle that every other Bangalorean has to face while commuting on a daily basis. The problem gets bigger when you have to skip a meal just to reach your destination on time.  This adversely affects the health and lifestyle of people. heavy traffic To tackle this the petrol pump of Bangalore have started to provide free food to the customers on the go. The  Venkateshwara Service Station is a five-decade-old petrol pump that is located on Old Madras Road and it has commenced the free service last week. For this good deed, the petrol pump station has joined hands with Indian oil corporation. When Mr Prakash, the owner of Venkateshwara service station proposed this concept to the IOC officials they welcomed this idea and agreed to share the brunch of this endeavour. There would be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available to the customer and the food would be packed within 5 minutes to save the time of consumers. Petrol Pump There is a centralised kitchen where this meal is prepared then it is transferred to the petrol pumps and served after heating. This food is prepared by the experienced chefs so you get the best quality of food. If you don’t want to buy fuel than you can pay the aforesaid amount and get the meal www.bigcitymaids.com. Eventually, for a month the service centre will bear the losses incurred with providing free food. Indian Oil Corporation will also bear the partial losses. Mr Prakash Said, “ The process will make us face losses but we don’t mind as we want this food giving concept to gain popularity”. The team wishes the idea to be replicated to at least 100 more Indian Oil Corporation pumps in the coming days. With this initiative, people get to have timely food even when they are stuck in traffic on their way to work or college. It is a pilot project that would serve free food for a month and after that, it will be chargeable.