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Facebook acquires video streaming company Quickfire, wish to improve video buffering experience

Social Media giant Facebook recently added a video streaming company Quickfire in to its cart. Now the payment has been done and Quickfire has been ‘Mark’ed’ wink

Mark Zuckerberg

What is QuickFire?
Well most people already use this brilliant web site as a tool to quench their love of watching videos. Quickfire has the technology of converting video formats. The most fascinating feature is that it allows high quality videos to stream in less bandwidth.


The amount paid was not disclosed but looking at the love of Facebook towards its market share, it should be big. Anyways the confirmation was made through an official statement via Quickfire on their website stating :

“As part of this, some key members of our team will be joining Facebook and we will wind down our business operations,”

Video streaming and uploading has increased drastically on Facebook. In September, 2015 it gave the stats that pageviews are increasing by 50% with average 1 billion video views on Facebook each day between June, 2014 and September, 2014.

The benefit would be directly to the users as they will be experiencing a faultless video experience. Facebook has been a platform to meet, know and share thoughts and experiences among each other and Facebook is emphasizing to make the experience better and smoother. Great going Facebook. 

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