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Do you Know- Why do we Celebrate Holi ???

Holi is not only about celebrating a day with colors, there is lot more Ranging from socio-cultural, religious to biological reasons behind celebrating this festival. Do you actually aware about what is the actual reasons of celebrating Holi, who are the legend behind this colorful celebration

Legend Behind Holi

Here just take a closer look and a little thought that will reveal the real significance of Holi in more ways than meets the eyes.

Mythological Significance:

According to our mythology every festival that we celebrate get us closer to our religion and culture. As Holi is also associated with the celebration of our various legends.

1. The Legend of Holika

The very first legend says that there was a devil named Hirankashyap


who consider himself as a god and want everyone to worship him only but his son became the devotee of Lord Vishnu.

To get rid of his son, he asked his sister “Holika” to get into fire with Prahald in her lap.



Despite of having a boon to get unhurt from fire, holika died and Prahlad was saved because of his firm devotion. So the tradition of Holika dahan has mainly come from this specific reason.

2. It was played by Lord Krishna

Holi likewise praises the legend of Radha and Krishna which shows the enjoyment, Krishna took in throwing colors on Radha and different gopis.

b0696da45ec18af79a87bcce3d95534bThis trick of Krishna turned into a pattern and a part of reason also in Holi celebrations.

3. The Pootana Saga

Mythology likewise expresses that Holi is the festival of death of Ogress Pootana


who actually tried to kill new born lord Krishna through feeding him Poisonous milk.

4. Third Eye of Lord Shiva

The another legends that actually signifies in southern India includes Lord Shiva and Kamadeva.


It was said that in south the festival is celebrated for the sacrifice that kamadeva has given to revoke Lord Shiva’s meditation for saving the world.

Festivity of the different legends related with Holi console the people all about the force of reality. As the lesson of every one of these legends is a definitive story and example of victory on evils. Every one of these legends help people to take after a decent direct in their lives and have faith in the excellence of being honest. So this are the actual reason behind celebrating Holi and Playing with colors or Dulhendi. Hope You like these reasons.


So now just revitalize the relations and reinforce the passionate bonds between your friends, family and loved ones. Just enjoy this bright celebration with full energy !!!

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Happy Holi..! :)