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Cricket Fantasy League fever takes over FreeKaaMaal shoppers!!

It is often said that cricket is a religion in India and in a way it is, indeed. It unites Indians under the umbrella of a slogan "INDIAAA, INDIA". 


The nail bitting season of suspense is on with the announcement of Official World cup of Cricket 2015. Australia & New Zealand are experiencing the return of the World Cup Event for the first time since 1992. Millions of people will be watching and experiencing the fever of cricket. 

Last Year the excitement of cricket was doubled with FreeKaaMaal Cricket Fantasy League which is an all in one destination for all cricket lovers who cannot resist there inevitable need of cricket and deal hunting. Last year, we had an amazing response and the buzz we have this year is, well, of very high pitch. 


What is FreeKaaMaal Cricket Fantasy League?

FreeKaaMaal Cricket Fantasy League is a platform where every individual creates a team of his/her favorite players whose performance is directly associated in accordance to the performance of players playing on the actual field. Its more or less like your own IPL where you are the creator of your own team which you feel are the best when put in permutation of the abruptness of this fantastic game of cricket. 

How it is played?


Its very simple and as an individual you have to follow a few steps:
1. Click on 
2. Register your self

3. Put your team name and Slogan (you are free to put anyname you like for example : Indian Igniters)
4. Select your players

5. Enjoy!

Why should I play this?

Out of countless reasons there are many which are:
1. The thriller and excitement participants have while playing it. 
2. Real time score updates.
3. You will be the king of your team.

4. With the real time performance of the players, the value on FreeKaaMaal increases. 
4. Prizes (this time they are more in number and exciting then ever)

Last year was a huge success and this time we've arrived yet again to bowl you over with More gifts, More players, More Excitement and More Surprises!. So come and quench your thirst for thriller with FreeKaaMaal. wink

Disclaimer: it is not gambling as according to the law, the betting on chances is gambling but it is a simulated version of cricket where your skills are responsible for the outcome of the game which would not (in any case) affect the outcome of the real match. It is NOT associated with ICC/BCCI or any other cricket governing body official in anyway whatsoever.