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Airtel, India’s best network provider is facing troubles with its 3G service


Airtel, the pioneer in mobile network in India is unable to provide a flawless 3G service in its Delhi circle. The problem has been there for quite a few days, but recently the problem has been escalated and now the users are facing a lot of issues everytime they use 3G. 

A slow internet always give frustration specially when you have paid for a better on but still see buffering circle on your screen. As a premium brand which charge more than any other service provider in this area, Airtel has to give better service. Its price for premium and hence customers have to be benefited. 

Here is the list of the 3G charge in Delhi/NCR produced by Airtel India and its closest competitor Vodaphone.
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The closest rival delivers better service for less price than that of Airtel. Now its time for airtel to provide better service for the money it take. Its not a good signal to the market by a leader who is about to introduce 4G service at a bold level in India.