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Whatsapp to launch Digital payment in India


What if I say that making Payment at your local store is going to be as easy as to text your friend, that too from an app you use the most! Yes, you read it right. Soon Whatsapp is going to launch the payment feature on its platform.

According to the source, this feature of digital payment will go live on Whatsapp from the end of February.Earlier there were some reports of adding this feature on WhatsApp in December 2017, but it did not happen due to some reasons.But, now users will be able to use this digital payment method from next month.

Whatsapp digital payment method:-

online payment feature of Whatsapp is going to be live at the end of this month. We have the news that the product (Whatsapp digital payment method) is in its final stage of testing(End User testing).

A source from the development of the feature told Economic Times, the feature is in beta testing (end customer testing).

He said, “The platform is in beta stage, with one of its partner banks, and we expect the product to go live for consumers by the end of the February, depending on how the trial works out.”


Making a payment method as simple as a text message is not an easy task, Lots of encryptions are applied to save the consumer’s data from hackers.So, this could be the reason that this feature was not launched in December 2017.

Let me tell you that Whatsapp had received the Indian government’s approval to integrate UPI, to their payment system back in July 2017 and Whatsapp is in the process to integrate its Unified payment interface platform (UPI) with other famous Indian Banks like SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank etc.UPI will let you use your different bank accounts from a single app.



The central government has allowed integrating the UPI in many E-wallets and payment methods like Paytm, Google Tez etc. Even BHIM which is government’s own digital payment app has UPI integration.

Whatsapp has already announced and tested the feature with MakeMyTrip and BookmyShow in India.With this feature, Whatsapp is aiming to connect the small businesses to their potential customers easily in terms of making payments.According to report, this feature will also help customers, to get the information about the store, Address, contact details and website of the store.

Digital payment method is growing in India and after demonetization, people are accepting it and making the payments using different applications for the same.So, launching this online payment feature will be beneficial for Whatsapp and people will accept it soon.

Highlights of Digital payment Feature Of Whatsapp:-

1.Easy payment:-

This feature of WhatsApp will make the digital payment method as easy as a text message, and it will be encrypted at different levels. Like other online payment apps, payment from Whatsapp will also be easy but I think it will be used the most as almost everyone uses Whatsapp in India.

2.UPI included:-

This feature will be integrated with UPI (Unified payment Interface), that means you will be able to connect your different bank accounts into one application.This integration will also let you do the bank transaction just by a simple click.


Encryption will be applied on different stages of this application so that you can do the safe transactions, So I Think this feature will be worth to wait.


Although there are apps available which provide digital payment and the even Indian government has its own application for the same.Recently Hike introduced the same feature of cashless payment and did 10 million transactions in the month of June, which is a big number.

Since whats app is more popular than any other application, so I think people will accept this feature soon on this application other than Hike, paytm etc.

petrol pump

Bangalore Petrol Pump Offers Free Meal to the Customers

Petrol Pump The traffic on the Bengaluru roads is a hurdle that every other Bangalorean has to face while commuting on a daily basis. The problem gets bigger when you have to skip a meal just to reach your destination on time.  This adversely affects the health and lifestyle of people. heavy traffic To tackle this the petrol pump of Bangalore have started to provide free food to the customers on the go. The  Venkateshwara Service Station is a five-decade-old petrol pump that is located on Old Madras Road and it has commenced the free service last week. For this good deed, the petrol pump station has joined hands with Indian oil corporation. When Mr Prakash, the owner of Venkateshwara service station proposed this concept to the IOC officials they welcomed this idea and agreed to share the brunch of this endeavour. There would be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available to the customer and the food would be packed within 5 minutes to save the time of consumers. Petrol Pump There is a centralised kitchen where this meal is prepared then it is transferred to the petrol pumps and served after heating. This food is prepared by the experienced chefs so you get the best quality of food. If you don’t want to buy fuel than you can pay the aforesaid amount and get the meal. Eventually, for a month the service centre will bear the losses incurred with providing free food. Indian Oil Corporation will also bear the partial losses. Mr Prakash Said, “ The process will make us face losses but we don’t mind as we want this food giving concept to gain popularity”. The team wishes the idea to be replicated to at least 100 more Indian Oil Corporation pumps in the coming days. With this initiative, people get to have timely food even when they are stuck in traffic on their way to work or college. It is a pilot project that would serve free food for a month and after that, it will be chargeable.


India Post Payments Bank vs Airtel Payments Bank


After Airtel launched India’s first payments bank on 12th Jan, The department of Indian Post followed it’s footsteps quckly by launching India Post Payments Bank . Unlike Airtel IPPB is 100% Indian Government owned public limited company under the department of the posts which aims to open around 650 new branches in postal district headquarters . IPPB launched it’s pilot operations in Raipur and Ranchi on experimental basis .  This made it second in the payment bank entrants in India . APB and IPPB differs a bit when it comes to the offerings and services provided to the customers .

However let’s understand what a payment bank is for those who are new to the term .

    A Payment Bank

                              CAN            CANNOT
Accept Deposits Cannot lend money
Maximum Account Limit Rs. 1,00,000 per customer Cannot take NRI deposits
Can issue ATM and Debit Cards Cannot issue credit cards
Can set up branches, ATMs, Business Correspondents Cannot set NBFC subsidiary
Can accept money for transaction (upto 1lakh)
Distribute mutual funds, pensions products , Insurances

With Airtel already offering 7.5% interest rates , it would a tough job for IPPB to stack up against APB . Let’s understand the charges levied and interest rates offered by both the payments banks for rendering different services including deposits and withdrawals .

1. Types of Bank Accounts

Airtel Payments Bank Indian Postal Payments Bank
No Classification like IPPB , mobile number will serve as bank account ( airtel as wll other mobile services Safal : Regular Bank Account , maximum account balance limit 1 lakh , 100 rupee maintance fee from 2nd year
Saral : Basic savings deposit account , maximum account balance limit Rs. 50,000
Sugam : Basic savings deposit account , maximum account balance limit Rs. 1 lakh

2. Interest on Bank Accounts 

Airtel Payments Bank Indian Postal Payments Bank
Interests are to be paid per annum basis Interests are to be paid on quaterly basis against per annum
Offers 7.5% interest rate on savings account along with personal accidental insurance of Rs 100,000 If QAB(quarterly average balance) is less than Rs. 25,000 the interest rate is 4.5% per annum
If QAB is above Rs 25,000 and below Rs 50,000 the interest is 5% per annum
If QAB is above Rs 50,000 the interest is 5.5% per annum

3. Debit Cards

Airtel Payments Bank Indian Postal Payments Bank
Doesn’t offer physical debit card Offers phyisical debit card with every account
Virtual Master Card to be provided

4. Fund Transfers


Image Source 

Airtel Payments Bank Indian Postal Payments Bank
Airtel will charge a maximum of 0.65% for a cash withdrawal from it’s customers Domestic remittance services will be provided through NEFT, IMPS, Aadhaar-Enabled Payment System (AEPS), UPI and *99# (USSD banking).
Transactions on the AEPS are limited to Rs 10,000 but the accounts need to be linked to Aadhaar and can happen on micro ATMs only.
Transactions on the UPI have a limit of Rs 1 lakh and money can be transferred to any bank account.
USSD transactions are limited to Rs 5,000 per transaction

Other services provided by IPPB that are not yet available with APB

Offers doorstep banking services to the customers at a minimum fee . Below are the door step services offered by Indian Postal Payment Banks

  • Cash Withdrawl
  • Cash Deposit
  • Adhar to Adhar fund transfer
  • Balance enquiry
  • IPPB will also offer  current accounts and access to third party financial services like insurance, mutual funds, pension, credit products, and forex at a later stage .

Going by the offerings and services it won’t be easy to say which payment bank will get the lead as Paytm is still to enter to market only to make the competition tougher .


Airtel launches India’s first payment bank : All you need to know

With the launch of pilot in Rajasthan on 23rd Nov 16, Airtel becomes first in the race to launch payment bank leaving Paytm behind who earlier announced it’s plan to venture into payment banking . It is seen as another big move towards the digital payment systems . There could have been no better time to announce the launch in the wake of demonetisation thus making the maximum of it .

Key benefits of Airtel Payment Bank in India:

  • Offers 7.25% of interest rate on savings account approx 2-3 % higher than the average rates
  • You can deposit upto Rs 1 lac
  • Airtel & Non -Airtel both the customers can open their account
  • Airtel retail outlets will serve as banking outlets
  • Mobile no. will serve as account no. for Airtel customers and a unique no will be provided to non airtel customers
  • You can deposit and withdraw cash
  • You cannot take loan or lend money as payment banks are not allowed to provide loans
  • No credit cards will be issued
  • 1 lac accidental insurance with every savings account
  • You can open account using e-KYC through Adhar Card
  • Facilitates the ease on online transactions, shopping ,ticket bookings etc
  • You can check your balance through smartphones using Airtel Mobile App and also through using USSD or IVR on feature phones


What are payment banks :Rights, Needs & Objectives

As Bill gates once said “Banking is necessary, Banks are not ” ; but India still have a population of more then 50% who doesn’t have a bank accounts .RBI has issued guidelines in August 2015 for Payment banks with the aim to include everyone in the banking system with ease .



Rights, Needs & Objectives

  1. Payment banks will include people in the banking system by providing basic facilities to migrants, low key workers ,labourers , small shopkeepers etc ,who doesn’t have a bank account
  2. Payments banks are required to have min 25% of access in rural areas
  3. Payment banks can provide basic facilities like bank deposits and supply of credit , keeping the are of operation limited
  4. Mobile service provider , supermarket chain can be your bank
  5. Payment banks will have to pay interest on savings account
  6. Payment banks cannot provide loans or lend money to the customer .
  7. Payments banks would be regulated by RBI so safety of customers money is guaranteed

With Airtel already starting it’s operation and other competitors announcing their plans, it would interesting to watch how this would serve a needle in making the banking system omnipresent in the country.


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15 Remarkable Natural Phenomena that occur on Earth

There are some enchanting event that occur on Earth for real but they seem totally unbelievable. Keep amusing with such a beautiful moment of Earth.
1. ‘Finnish Lapland’ Due to heavy snowfall and freezing temperature, here trees also look like a cloaked monster covered with snow.


2. ‘Lenticular Clouds’- Ultimate shape formation of cloud like a cap in air.


3. ‘Aurora Borealis’- It generally caused due to electrically charged particles from solar wind but seems like a beauty of disc lights.


4. ‘Frozen Waves’- The waves in Antarctica will definitely make your look at it twice.


5. Spaghetti-shaped ‘Slush’ in Lake Suolijärvi, Finland- Looks like smoke everywhere, totally speechless.


6. ‘Triple Sunrise’ A morning surprise, never have a view of this stunning rising sun. Well, this actually happen.


7. ‘Monochrome Rainbow’- You can find out this red rainbow generally at sunrise or sunset.


8. The heavenly ‘Halo’- The amazing combination ice crystal with the troposphere.


9. The ‘Salar De Uyuni’ lake in Bolivia- Finally We can walk on sky. Beautiful, isn’t it!


10. ‘Green Lake’ in Austria- How could one can forget the real paradise. Look at the view, awesome.


11. ‘Morning Glory Clouds’ - Really glorious! You will love this view for sure.


12. Speaking of glowing, look at this light poles. These can be seen in extremely cold cities.


13. Fallstreak Hole- Most perfect skypunch phenomena.


14. Sailing Stone present in death valley, California. Here high winds move the rocks.


15. ‘Gippsland Lakes’ mysterious lake which lights up by itself.


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