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Amazon India is launching AmazonBasics – High quality Electronics products at lower prices

If you are looking for the best products with exceptionally high quality at fairly lower prices then Amazon India has bought something awesome for you. Amazon India will be launching a whole new concept of online shopping in India. The concept is known as AmazonBasics which is a compilation of the high quality consumer electronics goods at fair prices. AmazonBasic was launched in 2009 in USA in order to tap the value oriented customers in the online shopping sphere.

The time of online shopping is up and the companies are fighting all the way through high discount methods and marketing stunts. However, on the other hand, smart companies like Amazon are following the basic principle of the retail market – ‘best product at reasonable prices’. People are ready to pay a bit more money for a product if a trust factor and assurance is associated with it, no ‘dil ki deal’ or big billion day could beat the trust factor a product holds.

The specialty of AmazonBasics includes the readable customer reviews and a years warranty.

According to Samir Kumar, VP category management:

“The AmazonBasics brand was created with the vision of providing the best combination of selection and price to their customers. Kumar also said that the range has been designed to add value to their customers by offering high quality products at lower prices. With 1-year warranty, appealing designs and reliable quality,AmazonBasics is targeting to offer an enhanced customer experience through a wide range of products.”

This move may turn the tide of the customer acquisition parameters of the online shopping industry in India.