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8 Stunning Gift Ideas for a Memorable Teacher’s Day

A teacher is like a river bank that controls the flow of the water and enables it to go in a swift motion. This similar role that they play in our lives is worth a lot of appreciation. They are not just instructors, in fact they portray every part from a counselor to a protector, from a guide to a mentor perfectly. This 5th September, when you choose a gift for their contributing work, don’t settle for something that just says ‘thank you’, but strive for something that defines ‘I am indebted to you forever’. Personalize this statement and make your present stand from the crowd. Below are some superb gift ideas that are affordable and a perfect fit for this special occasion.

  • Flowers

Nothing says ‘I have bloomed only for your smile’ like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers give an extra edge to every sentiment. With their soft fragrance and blossomed look they bring happiness and glee in the life of a receiver. Every flower brings an atmosphere of freshness and speaks volumes about the emotions of the individual. Thus, choose a bunch of their favourite flowers that would bear all your best intentions and send them with love.


  • Chocolates

Most of the people have a weakness for sweets and if your mentor has a sweet tooth, then a box of chocolate is the best gift ever. In this world where every mentor is unique, a friendly teacher is loved by all. So, if you have anyone in mind who was always mushy and supportive towards you, then pick up a chocolate pack that says ‘ you are sweetest of all’ aptly.


  • Personalized Gifts (mugs etc.)

Teachers are known to make difference in the lives of their every student. Hence, a personalized gift item stands with you beautifully when you show gratitude towards their hard work. You can easily avail assortment of personalized coffee mugs, t-shirts, key rings, tote bags to find the right match for your most respected teacher. Personalized gifts work best as a desk accessory that stays with them for many years and keeps reminding of your affection.

personalised gifts

  • Photo Frames

Who doesn’t love some clicked memories. We all have those carefree occasions where we participated together and shared some light moments of joy. A unique photo frame, be it an authentic one or a combination of multiple frames assorted together is a finest gift. As they not only compile those years of togetherness but also keeps on recalling those golden days every time you look at them. Thus, choose photo frames to highlight that unshakable teacher-student bond.


  • Cards

Nothing pulls the strings of our hearts like beautiful written messages. And who can do justice to your every emotion other than a greeting card. All the sentiments like gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness, respect, love, affection etc. are exquisitely conveyed by these cards. If you run out of words they help you with already written message that comes along with best wishes and deep love.


  • Quotation Show Pieces

Teachers are great scholars and big philosophers, they love to quote great inspirational sayings that has always inspired you to move ahead. On this special day, make them proud by giving a quotation show piece.


  • Small Statues And Figurines

We all have come across those beautiful statues that remind you of someone very close. It happens, those small figurines are so identical to some special people or moments of our lives that we can’t take our eyes off them. These statues are souvenir of that learning phase, where a teacher nourished you with their guiding light.


  • Feng Shui Items

A teacher has often corrected our every mistake repeatedly, without losing their patience and drove us to success path. It’s your time to return the favour by presenting some good luck charms to them. Everyone needs some good luck fortune in their lives, these Feng Shui items like Feng Shui bamboo, laughing Buddha statue, Feng Shui tortoise, dragon, wind chime etc.will not only bring prosperity but show your caring and considerate attitude towards them.

feng shui

Teacher’s Day Gifts are not meant only for celebrating their contribution, but it’s an appreciation of their hard work, patience, strength, dedication, motivation, affection, intense care and lastly their unconditional and irrevocable love towards their every student irrespective of his/her age.

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