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10 most common problems working mothers face in daily life

This is a compilation of day to day problems faced by working women. They are brilliant managers and they are the real example of determination, consistency & perseverance.

10) Feed and Run


You gotta make breakfast and hurry to punch on time in office.

9) Run and Feed

feed cake

You have to come back quickly to feed your hungry kids.

8) Maintain home from office


You need to keep an eye over whatever is going on in your house. From babysitter to vegetable vendor.

7) PTM Parents Teachers Meeting


Alas! you have a PTM to attend and a very important client meeting has been already arranged.

6) Zero leave balance

giphy (1)

You sought to take every leave you could to take a chill pill.

5) Less time with Kids


Well, its logical ofcourse.

4) Less time to love


Work, commute, eat, sleep.

3) Stress


You sometime feel like your head bursting out because of stress of managing work and home.

2) Miss Kitty party


You miss those chatty kitty parties where gossip was masala in the tea.

1) Run!


You have to be on continous run. No time to stop!

This is very hard to keep up but still hats off to working women, they do it…


Mom, i am proud of you!!


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